WSI – Global Convention Special Offer

Thanks for joining us at E&I Boca Raton! Sign up now for the Global Convention Special Offer.

  • 12 Month Subscription to gShift’s Software – $129 a month
    Up to 500 750 Keywords Rankings per Month for up to 10 sites
  • Content Performance (ASEO Module) $100/month
    Content Marketing Performance Campaign & Reporting Module monitors content performance across all facets of web presence including websites, blogs, social channels, email (Constant Contact), and search. Module Fee, Waived
  • Constant Contact Integration $1/month/campaign
    Integration of Constant Contact Campaign Data (opens, clicks, subscribers, etc) into gShift with Campaign Reporting
  • getSEOLeads $500/year
    Annual Platform Fee waived. Report credits – not waived

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