WEBINAR: Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is quickly gaining ground as one of the most important tools in digital marketing toolboxes, as agencies and brands turn to relevant, trusted influencers to act as conduits through which they distribute brand messages to their loyal followers. However, there are several steps involved in running a successful influencer campaign from identifying and managing influencers through to monitoring, measuring and reporting on engagement. In a recent webinar, Erin McKenna, Influencer Marketing Specialist and Jeff Riddall, Director of Product Strategy at gShift took time to walk through the process and shared best practices related to:

  • Influencer marketing overview – the who, what, where and why
  • Starting an influencer campaign – setting goals, identifying audience, keywords and content
  • Building a content campaign – building strategy, setting timelines, finding and engaging with influencers
  • Monitoring and Reporting – tracking off-site content (#DarkFunnel), measuring true influence beyond likes and shares, establishing campaign ROI

During the webinar, we ran a survey to find out just how many attendees have started adding influencer marketing into their digital marketing mix. Although the influencer industry is growing quickly, it is still relatively new when compared to marketing tactics of old. Therefore, it was not too surprising to see that 60% of attendees are not currently doing influencer marketing.

60% of marketers are still not yet using influencer marketing.

You can watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube.

Or view and download Erin and Jeff’s presentation on SlideShare.

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