Webinar: Get Lucky With Digital Media

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Getting in front of the media takes more than a little Irish Luck. This webinar will review how to increase the exposure of your brand with advertising, public relations and by engaging the media. You’ll learn practical tips and insights; no four leaf clover necessary!

In this 30 minute webinar, we review:

How to build an advertising campaign to compliment your digital marketing content.

Advertising should never be an afterthought – Plan it out!

Step 1:

  • Determine Goals
  • Define Demographics
  • Set a budget

Step 2:

  • Decide on an advertising platform
  • Create ad content
  • Measure your outcomes and ROI

Leveraging traditional advertising venues

  • The shift in traditional media
  • Keeping branding consistent between traditional and digital
  • Incorporating digital components to traditional campaigns

Different strategies on increasing visibility with both traditional and digital media

What kind of media are we talking about?

  • Digital media (FB, Twitter, forums, Reddit, blogs, etc).
  • Traditional media (Radio, television, news sources, print, etc.)

Coming up with a clear plan

  • Select the platforms that best match your brand and presence.
  • Engage organically with media sources
  • Start the conversations
  • Give people a reason to engage
  • Track where your content is going
  • Track your content with gShift

Content is King! Create natural content that is native to whichever platform you select:

  • Facebook | Nice pictures, links, and good description
  • Twitter | Be sure to use at least one hashtag
  • Instagram | Great stylized image & lots of hashtags
  • Pinterest | Nice large pictures
  • LinkedIn | Professional/corporate feel

Thinking outside the box for media platforms:

  • Forums, Reddit, blogs, etc.
  • Industry specific social media (Houzz, Dribble, etc.)

Using public relations to facilitate media relationships and guide the direction your digital messaging.

  • Building and creating relationships with thought leaders in the industry.
  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships (I scratch your back you scratch mine).
  • Create a Press Release.
  • How does the source benefit from picking up this content?
  • Present unified messaging
  • All communications and should align with brand messaging
  • eBlasts
  • One of the highest CTR and ROI when compared to other marketing tactics
  • Able to reach your exact audience

Bringing it all together

  • Carefully planned and executed ads and PR strategies lead to a higher probability of success in getting picked up with the media.
  • The more success experienced with advertisements, and PR, the more BUZZ you will experience with the media.
  • Getting noticed by the media is not simply based on luck. Carefully thinking through your strategy will ensure you find your pot of gold.

Download this deck from Slideshare.

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