Using SmartURLs for Influencer Marketing and Tracking Off-Site Content

WATCH: Using Smart URLs for Tracking Influence Marketing & Off-Site Content

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Leading digital marketing influencer, Warren Whitlock and gShift’s Co-founder & CEO, Krista LaRiviere, delivered an informative look at the trends in off-site content, including influencer marketing and social engagement.

As content marketing continues to play a very large role for many organizations, distribution and tracking of content performance has become a primary concern. Marketers now understand the need for content and brand messaging to exist and live beyond their own website. With this development, social media and influencer marketing have taken over as leading components in current strategies.

While organizations understand the need for distribution and influence, they lack visibility into the metrics required to properly evaluate their off-site content performance.

In this webinar, we reviewed:
• The rise in importance of off-site content.
• What is influencer marketing and how can you make it work for you?
• Challenges and solutions in tracking off-site content.

Watch the full webinar here:

Flip through the slide deck:

Mastering Smart URLs Series:


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