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WEBINAR: Discoverability with Influencer Marketing & Off-Site Content – #SEJThinkTank

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Last week, we had the opportunity to partner with Search Engine Journal for their latest #SEJThinkTank marketing webinar. Our Cofounder and CEO, Krista LaRiviere, discussed how to improve search discoverability through the use of influencer marketing and off-site content.

As content marketing continues to expand, content distribution has become a primary concern for many marketers. Some brands still hold onto the fear of off-site content with regards to those pieces out-ranking their own on-site content. In this webinar, Krista looked at why you should embrace off-site content and leverage it for further brand exposure and audience development.

Krista revisits the idea of the Dark Funnel and how off-site content plays such a major role in the formulation of the sales funnel today. This webinar also explored the power of user-generated content and reviews current trends in content distribution.

Watch the webinar now on YouTube:


Flip through the presentation deck on SlideShare:

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