YouTube Web Presence Optimization Strategy – Webinar

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In this Customer Success webinar we discussed how to fine tune YouTube for optimal performance. You can view the video by clicking the image below or play the embedded video near the bottom of the page.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, trailing only its parent company, Google. YouTube provides a social channel that is engaging, accessible and powerful for marketers to promote a brand, product or service. YouTube Videos are a great way for businesses and individuals to promote their products, services and showcase their expertise. Just as with other social media channels, building a following takes hard work, dedication and consistent, fresh content.

YouTube video ranking related to keywords, and in relation to competitors is a key consideration for companies considering video as a marketing strategy. Producing a video and posting it, and hoping for plays and subscribers is not a sound strategy.

YouTube SEO Strategies

Companies that succeed with Google are taking full advantage of tools such as:

  •  The YouTube Channel function, and related branding tools like banners
  • Social sharing tools to distribute videos into Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Annotation tools and in-video links to help highlight key messages, create calls to action and link to related content such as your website.
  • Buttons for viewers to favorite/like or comment on videos using their Google+ ID enabling two-way communication
  • Contextual suggestions of related videos for your audience.
  • Transcripts of videos which can boost SEO metrics or be shared with those who aren’t able to play the video with volume or for those with hearing disabilities.
  • Embedding tools for related videos/series, for your website and social media networks
  • Playlists to organize your videos into specific topics and categories

Understanding how your YouTube videos are performing over time, as well as the number of viewers you are connecting with is a good way of learning about which keywords, themes, and formats are resonating with your audience. Whether it be an animated “explainer video” from a company like  Switch Video or a “How To” video capturing your company “in action” publishing and socializing your YouTube videos can be a great way to create awareness.

Some great ways to ensure your videos can be discovered on YouTube (and viewer include:

    • Include long-tail keywords in your video headline/title and video description
    • Use video tags with keywords, and embed your videos into blog posts, social media posts, and relevant pages
    • Have keywords dispersed throughout your video narration and write compelling video summaries
    • Socialize your video, and encourage employees, clients, partners and other stakeholders to do so. Have these people subscribe to your channel
    • Where budget permits, have the video professionally produced. You can also leverage tools like Google Hangouts to produce videos on the fly with interviews or group discussions on trending topics which demonstrate your domain expertise.
    • Use annotations or contextual links to tie your videos together and to drive traffic to your website. Consider doing a series of short videos instead of having one long videos which can be viewed at different times but be released over time. Just like movie serials in the 1930’s and 40’s, having “cliff hangers” which encourage viewers to come back for more is a great strategy.
    • If clients are frequently asking a certain set of questions or there are common client scenarios which are creating a burden on your customer service team, consider doing a video on the topic which you can use to address common concerns or feature popular products to showcase it in a real world scenario.
    • Leverage customer testimonials on camera if possible, and encourage other clients or prospects to add their comments or questions on YouTube.
    • Be sure to set up goals in Google Analytics for conversions on video plays, channel subscribes and more. These conversions will be valuable to gShift customers as they provide context in Web Presence Optimizer around YouTube investment Return on Investment.

YouTube Rank


  • For new businesses or new products, consider time sensitive YouTube PPC campaigns on launch as YouTube PPC or advertising is often more affordable and provides higher Click Through Ratios (CTR) than AdWords or Bing Ads.

For more information about succeeding with gShift as part of your branding and web presence strategy, check out our “YouTube SEO How To Guide“.

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