Client Success Webinar – Customer and Competitor Conversations and Analysis

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Recently, we held a webinar to review how to identify your customer and competitor conversations online and how to analyze them.

In this webinar we cover:


The definitions of online conversations and how to analyze your customer conversations:

  • They are conversations that help you learn about what your customers really want?
  • Your Customers are going online because they are seeking somebody somewhere that can help them
  • This is why you need to get in tune with what they are talking about


How to uncover where your customers are engaging and what key questions or concerns your content should address:

  • To find your customers you first need to know who they are
  • Create a persona for your customer(s) with as much information as possible
  • Find them and talk to them using social media, backlinks coming to your site and backlinks to your competitors site


How to examine conversations taking place around your competition and obtain strategic content insights:

  • Track off-site pages and competitor pages to gain insight to how they are performing and monitor the engagement happening on each page
  • Examine the top 50 search results for your keywords to find
  • Use social keyword research to find conversations on social media platforms


How to track and monitor your competitors online presence to identify potential content opportunities:

  • Competitor social keywork and off-site page tracking
  • Review competitor social properties and see how they are engaging with their customers
  • Discover what content they get the most engagement with
  • Keywords your competitors are framing their content around
  • Content that has received high engagement from their “customers”
  • Customers that are “influential” and frequently share your competitors content
  • Ideas you can use to create even better content than your competitor
  • What social channels are working best for your competitor


View the presentation:

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