Competitive SEO Analysis

The most successful SEO and Content Marketing strategies include initial and on-going competitive analysis. Analyzing a competitor’s inventory of content, the keywords they are being discovered for, websites linking to them and boosting their authority, as well as their social activity and reach, will provide you with insights into where to focus your own efforts and invest valuable resources.

Competitive Position Data by Keyword

Gain insight into how each of your competitors is ranking for keywords which matter to you. Understand your competitors’ top ranking keywords. How is their Web presence performing in mobile search compared to your own.

Competitive Website SEO Site Audit and Keyword Insight from gShift

Competitive Content Footprint

How much content does your competition have indexed by the search engines and at what rate is it growing? Track your competitors content to understand visitor engagement and social signal activity.

Find competitors influencers.

Identify Competitors Influencers

Use gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module to search competitors’ brand names and see which influencers are already talking about them online. Use this data to develop your own audience and join relevant conversations already taking place around your industry.

Competitive Backlinks

Compare your Web presence footprint to your competitors’ in a side-by-side view. How many free and/or paid backlinks do they have compared to you? Where are those authority-building links coming from?

Competitor Activity in Social Networks

Gain powerful insights into your competitors’ social channels and activity. Track your competitors’ brand keywords in Twitter to understand the frequency of conversations, who the primary influencers are, which hashtags and keywords are being used in relation to their brand and where are they tend to publish their content.