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We enable digital agencies and brand marketing professionals to make better informed, data-driven optimization decisions. We give you the ability to track keyword and content-level metrics from hyper-local and mobile through to national and global perspectives for both your brands and your competitors.

Most digital marketers use the same formula to try to improve their keyword discoverability. Once keyword research is completed, you create/edit your content, publish, distribute, measure and optimize. Rinse and repeat. You require robust analytics and reporting to make informed decisions about how to optimize your Web presence and how to gauge your progress.

Key Features

gShift Core Seo Software

Core SEO Analytics Software

gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform for digital agencies and in-house marketing teams is relied on by thousands of brands worldwide. gShift is the only SEO software system which monitors and reports on a brand’s entire web presence at the content level on a daily basis. Uncover insights from organic search, social media and mobile engagement to optimize the right keywords for enhanced discoverability of branded content. Get all of your SEO and Social data in one place.

Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are at the core of all SEO and Content Marketing strategies. Understanding the keywords your prospects are using, which represent and describe your brand’s products and services, requires on-going keyword research. gShift offers extensive keyword insight via several different sources, including Google Related Searches, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Backlink Anchor Text, Social Keywords, Competitive Keywords and Not Provided Insights. Keyword Klusters enable you to organize your keywords into logical groups for easier analysis and reporting.

gShift Keyword Research

gShift Not Provided and Search insites

Not Provided and Secure Search Insights

Is your top performing keyword “Not Provided”? If so, you’re not alone. Most brands report 50% to 90% of their keywords from organic search are now encrypted and unavailable for keyword insights. We have developed a work around to help you get your Not Provided keywords back! gShift takes multiple variables into consideration in determining secure search keywords driving traffic to your website. Once analyzed, gShift’s Not Provided intelligence engine calculates the results to identify the keywords most likely used when visitors find your content.

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International, Local and Mobile SEO Data

Digital marketers continue to require insights into how content is ranking and positioned in search engines. Daily content-level position data is paramount to understanding the potential for discoverability of content by keyword, as 1 billion Google searches are being performed every day combined with the added complexity of Global, Local and Mobile influences.

gShift’s international outlook on SEO matches other enterprise vendors. We provide insight into global search visibility and obtain local SEO rank data from any Google source in any language. Our hyper local SEO analytics show you how your web presence is performing within a specific area down to the content level. Finally, our mobile SEO data can highlight your discoverability within a specific geographic area on a specific device. Even more importantly, all of these search environments can be displayed comparatively, allowing you to see exactly how your content is ranking on desktop vs. mobile and at a city level.

gShift International, Local, Mobile Data

gShift Competitive Seo Analytics

Competitive SEO Analysis

The most successful SEO and Content Marketing strategies include initial and on-going competitive analysis. Analyzing a competitor’s inventory of content, the keywords they are being discovered for, as well as their social activity and reach, will provide your brand with insights into where to focus efforts and invest resources. The gShift platform enables you to monitor a number of competitive SEO analytics, including keyword positions, visibility scoring, backlinks, social media activity and content indexing.

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Backlinks – Tracking for Brand and Competitors

Backlinks continue to be important to your overall web presence strategy. There are old school and new school backlinking techniques. Iit is important brands are aware of the differences and best practices. Relevant, reputable backlinks help search engines like Google determine relevance and authority of your website. Backlink diversity is also important. gShift, via an integration with Majestic SEO, is able to provide in-depth backlink analytics for your website, as well as your competitor’s. This includes a breakdown of links by domain, competitor and external content, as well as associated anchor text, which can be another useful source of keyword research.

Social Signals, Analytics and Keywords for SEO

Social signals from the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are important data points and metrics to consider in a brand’s digital strategy. Social signals are effectively the Likes, Shares or Comments attributed to a brand’s on-site, external or social content. Although Google does not explicitly factor social signals into its organic search algorithm, social signals and social signal growth is an important indicator of whether or not a content marketing strategy is producing results as it relates directly to content engagement. gShift’s Web Presence analytics platform automatically tracks network-level and content-level social signals on a daily basis.

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gShift Soical Signals and Keywords

Content Marketing Performance Metrics at the Content Level

Content Marketing Strategy and Performance Analytics

Google’s massive search algorithm changes have shifted the way brand content is discovered in search engines and social media. A strong content marketing strategy is now more  essential than ever to a successful SEO and Social Media strategy. Digital agencies and brand managers must measure the engagement and performance metrics of content across organic search, social media and mobile devices. gShift informs the content marketing workflow process helping modern marketers create smarter content, distribute content more effectively and thoughtfully, then measure its performance in search and social.

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Custom, Automated & White-Label SEO Reports

Save time and improve reporting consistency with gShift’s powerful marketing performance & web presence reporting functions. Historical and trend data from your search, social, email, campaign, competition and more can be presented in one complete report. gShift reporting enables marketers to pull comprehensive reports on their entire digital presence or focus in on any specific area of their choosing. Simply check off the data you want and run or schedule your report for delivery to your inbox. Export your data in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word or .CSV) depending on the data and how you wish to manipulate, analyze or present it in board meetings, team strategy sessions or client updates.

Many marketers today are looking for more than the static SEO and data reports. CMOs, Marketing Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Clients all require a different view of data in order to make informed decisions on strategy, tactics and spending. gShift’s Beacons provide users at any level the ability to build customized views of their data, so they can report on it and quickly make those decisions.

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gShift Software Dashboard

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