Influencer Marketing Analytics

Track the ROI of Influencer Marketing

Diving into influencer marketing without a plan for measurement can leave you without a clear picture of a program’s
true performance. Influencer analytics goes well beyond page views or social likes and shares.

In order to gather meaningful insight into the performance of an influencer campaign, you need to look at click engagement on links within posts, as well as from social posts where the original content was promoted. You can also set up and track conversion paths, to measure a customer’s journey from a social post to the piece of influencer content and finally to a conversion point on or off your website. This level of deeper influencer analytics provides proper insight into off-site engagement and conversion.

Using kontextURLs can provide very detailed metrics on influencer campaign performance broken down by each influencer, channel, content type, campaign and more. Campaigns can be optimized on the fly by monitoring progress via custom analytics dashboards.

Analytics Matter for Both Brands and Influencers

Influencer Analytics reports should be considered vital information for organizations looking to determine and prove ROI.

Off-Site Content Engagement by Channel with gShift

This data is also useful for influencers who want to showcase their authority for future projects. As influencer marketing grows in popularity, the competitive landscape for influencers themselves has grown. It is no longer about the size of your audience; influencers now need to prove the level of engagement can they provide and Influencer Analytics powered by kontextURLs can help.