Influencer Marketing Module

Measure and prove your influencer marketing engagement.

Consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to engaging with a brand so they are doing their own research both online and offline. The decision to buy is increasingly coming from social media influencers who have gained the trust of their audience and share their experiences.

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular and effective tactic in any organization’s digital marketing mix. Many marketers understand the need to further the distribution of their content campaign with the use of influential members of their target audience.

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module allows you to fully extend your SEO efforts into offsite content and influencer engagement. Combined with kontextURL data, you now have a 360-degree view of your content campaigns from creation, through distribution, tracking and influencer analytics reporting.

Key Features

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Find Influencers

Search our database of influencers by keywords or for a specific profile and refine the results through target audience filters. Each influencer has been humanly vetted, meaning someone has personally reviewed each profile. We also offer an open network search feature, which organizations can use to discover new influencers and add them to the system to be reviewed and to have their social profile data collected. Influencer profiles contain insight into all social channels they are active on such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, identifies their blog or website, and provides audience metrics such as geography, gender, and topics.

Influencer Analytics and Reporting

One of the biggest challenges with influencer marketing is the lack of tracking and data. Our system automatically aggregates all the social profile data, demographics, and geography on influencers and their audience. With gShift onsite and offsite tracking, you will also be able to gain insights into how all content is performing in search and the impact each channel is truly having on the campaign. Activate this data to adapt the campaign based on results and effectively measure your influencer marketing ROI.

gShift influencer Software

Build Strong Influencer Campaigns

Use our system to build rosters of various influencers for each campaign. The influencer will receive a notification when they have been added to a roster, serving as an opening to a conversation. You can track an influencer’s activity across multiple channels, helping you to stay up-to-date with their current content and interests.

Manage Campaigns

The built-in workflow features allow you to manage your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. Use various tools to build strategy, identify influencers, pitch brands and measure results.

Combine these features with that of the gShift SEO platform and kontextURLs smart URLs to gain unprecedented visibility into your campaigns.

Team Collaboration

Our application gives you an enterprise view of your social partners across multiple brands, multiple rosters, and across geographies. Use this system to manage brand and message standards to build consistency with the campaign. We use permission settings to make the approval process efficient and our platform tracks all activity records and measurement in one central place. This makes reporting on campaign activities really easy.

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