Keyword Discovery and Visibility

Advanced Discovered Keywords (Premium)

Search for keywords either a domain or a URL are ranking for during a specified period and within a specified search engine or across all search engines monitored by gShift, but which are not currently being followed. This Beacon is excellent for identifying previously unknown keywords or for understanding which keywords competitors are optimizing and/or being found for.

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Question Answered: What keywords is my content ranking for which I don’t know about?

Discovered Keywords (Standard)

The standard Discovered Keywords Beacon is a powerful beacon, which can help with the discovery of keywords relevant to content and optimization efforts. The Beacon displays which keywords are related to those already being followed within a specific kluster and may be sorted based on average monthly search volume or competition level. The Beacon also indicates which followed keywords the discovered keywords are related to as an additional measure of relevance.

Question Answered: Which are the best keywords to focus on related to those I am already monitoring for?

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Keyword Kluster Positions (Standard)

The Keyword Kluster Positions Beacon displays the keyword positions of all keywords within a specific kluster and search engine over a selected time period (7, 30 or 90 Days.) This Beacon provides a great way to quickly identify keywords which are gaining or losing ground in any given search engine. Click through on any keyword to get more detailed info and insights in order to react accordingly.

Question Answered: How are individual keywords within a chosen kluster performing over time?

Keyword Kluster Visibility (Standard)

This Beacon enables users to display the visibility of keyword klusters in a selected search engine over a specified period of time or compare performance between multiple chosen klusters.

Question Answered: Which group (kluster) of keywords maintains the highest (or lowest) organic search visibility over time?

Keyword Position Comparison Graph (Standard)

The Keyword Position Comparison Graph provides another way to visualize the keywords within a kluster requiring attention based on either their rank within a specified search engine, their monthly average search volume in the engine and/or a combination of these two metrics. Click
on any keyword to see more granular details and to gain further insights into what to do next to boost authority for this keyword.

Question Answered: Which keywords within a selected group should I be focusing on?

Keyword Position and Volume Comparison (Standard)

The Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Beacon will enable quick identification of top performing or underperforming Keywords within specific Keyword Klusters based on positions and average monthly search volume across multiple search engines in order to better determine where to focus attention. Drill down from this Beacon into more specific details for any single keyword and additional insights into what to do next.

Question Answered: Which keywords within a selected group should I be focusing on?

Predictive Revenue Boost Analysis (Premium)

An extension of the Predictive Traffic Boost Beacon factoring in the analysis of position changes within the search engines along with Average Conversion Rate and Average Order Value (*requires Google Analytics eCommerce) to answer the question what is the estimated effect on revenue of a change of x keyword positions for a single keyword or several within a keyword kluster?

Question Answered: How much additional revenue can I expect to generate, by improving the rank of a keyword or an entire kluster of keywords?

Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis (Premium)

Discover the projected traffic boost expected when improving the keyword position of keywords within a kluster by leveraging average monthly search volume and configurable estimated click through rates for each of the Top 50 positions.

Question Answered: How much additional organic traffic can I expect to generate, by improving the rank of a keyword or an entire kluster of keywords?

Visibility Score Gauge (Standard)

The Visibility Score Gauge provides quick insight into the current performance of a keyword kluster within a specific search engine. Scores between 1 and 20 are considered Weak, 21 to 50 are average and 51-70 are strong. The Visibility Score is calculated based on totaling values assigned to each keyword positioned maintained within a kluster of keywords. This total is then divided by the highest possible score to provide the Visibility Score. The Beacon also displays the Visibility Score from 7, 30 or 90 days ago as a point of reference. Create two Beacons side-by-side to compare the relative strength of two klusters.

Question Answered: How relatively well is my organic search visibility doing for a selected group of keywords?

3D Keyword Kluster Positions (Standard)

Gain a unique 3D perspective into how keywords are ranking. This beacon provides a 3D look at how keywords in a Kluster are ranking over a period of time. Interact with the Beacon by hovering over points on the graph and clicking and dragging the graph to make it rotate. This beacon is an excellent tool for visualizing how much or little keywords move over time.

Question Answered: Which keywords within a selected group should I be focusing on?

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