Dashboard Buttons (Standard)

Create clickable Buttons to link to specific functional areas within gShift. Contact if specific buttons are required.

Dashboard Clock (Standard)

Add a simple 24-hour clock to any Dashboard.

Dashboard Greeting (Standard)

Add personalization to a Dashboard by incorporating a personalized greeting and the gShift user’s avatar.

Dashboard Navigation (Standard)

Create horizontal or vertical navigation to link between related Dashboards.

HTML or Page (Standard)

The HTML/Page Beacon enables you to add HTML Text or Web pages into your Dashboards (Note: HTTPS preferred as HTTP will invoke a security warning for mixing non-secure and secure elements.) There are several applications for this Beacon including the text-based Headings, notes/annotations fields in reports as well as pulling in Web-based interfaces from other applications, campaign landing pages or relevant videos.

Image (Standard)

As the name suggests, the Image Beacon enables the addition of an image to any Dashboard. This Beacon is perfect for adding Agency or Client logos to add some branding to Dashboards or incorporating a relevant screenshot from an Ad Campaign or Landing Page being reported on within a Dashboard.

Page Break (Standard)

For use with Dashboard PDF Reports. Incorporate Page Breaks between Beacons to adjust the layout of pages in a Report.

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