Content Discovery and Visibility

Content Keywords (Standard)

The Content Keywords Beacon provides a list of the Top 10 keywords a single piece of content is ranking for. At a quick glance, gain insight into how content is performing and which keywords should be focused on.

Questions Answered: What keywords is my content ranking for and which ones should I be optimizing for?

Discovered Content (Standard)

The Top Discovered Content Beacon displays content gShift has discovered through rankings, backlinks or analytics. Add this Beacon to discover new content to follow within gShift from any Dashboard.

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Questions Answered: Which content do I have which is ranking, receiving traffic or being linked to which I am not already following or actively optimizing?

Top Content by Visibility (Standard)

Top Content by Visibility Beacon identifies all of the on-site or off-site content you are following, which maintains keyword positions for a specified keyword kluster in a selected engine. The Beacon uses those positions to calculate a relative strength rating of Strong, Average or Weak enabling you to determine which content needs to be maintained or boosted.

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Questions Answered: What is my top performing content in organic search or which pieces of content do I need to optimize?

Top On-Site Content by Analytics (Standard)

The Top On-Site Content by Analytics Beacon can be configured to display and sort your website traffic by Sessions, Pageviews and/or Conversions.

Question Answered: Which pieces of content on my website are receiving the most traffic, which I could be optimizing further or using to cross-link to from other content I wish to optimize?

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