Competitive Discovery and Comparison

Competitive Share of Voice (Premium)

The Competitive Share of Voice Beacon is an extension of the Keyword Kluster Visibility Score Beacon, which also factors in the Average Monthly Search Volume of each keyword within a Kluster to produce a relative Share of Organic Search Visibility vs. selected Competitors displayed on a timeline or in a pie chart. The Share of Voice is expressed both as an Estimated Traffic value and as a percentage vs. selected Competitors. This Beacon can accommodate a Comparison of up to 10 Competitors.

Question Answered: What percentage of organic visibility do I maintain and how much organic
traffic should I expect to receive as a result?

Competitive Visibility (Standard)

The Competitive Visibility compares the visibility score a web presence maintains for a chosen keyword kluster in a selected search engine relative to up to 10 competitors. Simply select the Web presence, Competitors, Search Engine and Klusters and add it to your Dashboard to see how the Web Presence stacks up.

Question Answered: How does the performance of a brand’s group (kluster) of keywords over a specified period of time compare to the same for competitors?

Competitive Keyword Position Distribution (Standard)

The Competitive Keyword Position Distribution Beacon displays a web presence’s and its competitor’s keyword positions in the 1-10, 11-30 and 31-50 groupings for a specified search engine and time period in an easy to read bar graph. This Beacon provides a great way to quickly see your overall visibility for a kluster of keywords relative to chosen competitors.

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Question Answered: How many keyword positions/rankings do I maintain in the Top 50 relative to my competitors?

Competitive Keyword Positions (Standard)

The Competitive Keywords Position Beacon enables you or your clients to quickly see who they stack up to concerning regarding organic search competition. This Beacon highlights a web presence’s and its chosen competitors’ current positions and changes vs. a previous time period in an easy to read table. Positions, where the presence’s rank is ahead, are highlighted in Green, keyword rankings which are behind are highlighted in Red and all competitors who are ahead are highlighted in Yellow for quick and easy identification.

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Question Answered: How do my rankings compare vs. my competitors for specific keywords?

Discovered Competitors (Standard)

The Discovered Competitors Beacon is a powerful Beacon, which helps with the discovery of organic search competitors, which in turn will enable access to useful information regarding competitive keyword rankings, backlinks and other competitive analysis. gShift looks for competitors within the search results for the any chosen keyword kluster and search engine. gShift scores each competitor and presents them in descending order. Follow or Ignore competitors who are or are not relevant.

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Question Answered: Who are the true, top online competitors I am not already following?

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