Analytic Beacons

Configurable GA Data (Premium)

The Configurable GA Data Beacon is a Premium Beacon, which will enable reporting on virtually any metrics available via the Google Analytics API including channel metrics, referral metrics, social traffic metrics or even Google Adwords campaign data (provided you have an Adwords account connected to your GA account). This Beacon must be custom configured by gShift. Please contact your Client Success Manager, Sales or for more details on how to leverage this Beacon.

Question Answered: How and where are website visitors arriving at/from and how are they behaving on my website?

Conversions by Channel (Standard)

The Conversions by Channel Beacon enables you to see the number of Conversions (i.e. Completed Goals from Google Analytics) in a Pie Graph organized by Channel for a specific time period (7, 30 or 90 Days).

Question Answered: Which channels are delivering the most conversions on my website?

Predictive Revenue Boost Analysis (Premium)

An extension of the Predictive Traffic Boost Beacon factoring in the analysis of position changes
within the search engines along with Average Conversion Rate and Average Order Value
(*requires Google Analytics eCommerce) to answer the question what is the estimated effect
on revenue of a change of x keyword positions for a single keyword or several within a keyword

Question Answered: How much additional revenue can I expect to generate, by improving the
rank of a keyword or an entire kluster of keywords?

Social Signals and Metrics (Standard)

The Social Signals and Metrics Beacon provides an overview of how a Web Presence is performing on Social Networks. This beacon displays page signals, social signals and traffic metrics for each Social Networks.

Question Answered: Which social channels are delivering the most social signals, website visits and/or conversions.

Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis (Premium)

Discover the projected traffic boost expected when improving the keyword position of keywords within a kluster by leveraging average monthly search volume and configurable estimated click through rates for each of the Top 50 positions.

Question Answered: How much additional organic traffic can I expect to generate, by improving the rank of a keyword or an entire kluster of keywords?

Top On-Site Content by Analytics (Standard)

Top On-Site Content by Analytics Beacon can be configured to display and sort your website traffic by Sessions, Page views and/or Conversions.

Question Answered: Which are my top and bottom performing pieces of on-site or off-site content?

Website Conversion Analysis (Standard)

Display a timeline plotting selected conversions from Google Analytics organized in relevant Groups (e.g. based on Awareness, Evaluation, Intent, Decision) within gShift and broken down by Channel for the last 7, 30 or 90 Days.

Question Answered: Which channels are delivering website traffic which converts and in which
goal groups?

Website Traffic by Channel (Standard)

The Website Traffic by Channel Beacon displays website metrics grouped into channels as defined by Google Analytics. Further, the Beacon can be configured to display single or all Channels and only specific metrics (columns), as required. For example, you may choose to only display Conversions from Organic Search. This data will enable the quick determination of which channels provides the highest or lowest quality traffic in terms of engagement or conversion and which areas are to be focused on.

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Question Answered: Which channels are delivering the most or least website traffic and/or conversions?

Website Traffic by Device (Standard)

The Website Traffic by Device Beacon displays analytics data for a selected website by device. Quickly see which devices are driving the most or least engaged and/or converting traffic in order to better focus attention and resources, as required.

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Question Answered: What devices are visitors using to access my website?

Website Traffic by Device by Channel (Standard)

The Website Traffic by Device by Channel Beacon provides a visual representation of traffic for a
Website over a period of time by both device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) and channel (Organic,
Paid, Social, etc.) Quickly determine which devices provide the most traffic and which channels
are driving in traffic to a site via each of those devices.

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Question Answered: Where is my traffic coming from and what device are they using?

Website Traffic by Location (Standard)

The Website Traffic by Location Beacon provides a quick view of where in the world traffic to a selected website within a Web presence is coming from for a selected Time Period (7, 30 or 90 Days). This Beacon can be customized to show or hide columns (Sessions, Pageviews, Conversions or Bounce Rate) as required.

Question Answered: Where are my website visitors geographically located?

Website Traffic Timeline (Standard)

The Website Traffic Timeline Beacon displays Sessions, Bounces, Conversions and Pageviews over time for a chosen website within a Web presence. This Beacon will display traffic from all or a single selected channel. Any global messages, such as Google Algorithm updates or Activities marked as Complete within gShift will be included in this timeline. Great for visually seeing highs and lows in website traffic and performance, along with what may have caused those changes.
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Questions Answered: Which completed activities or global events caused a notable changed in
website sessions, pageview, conversions or bounces?

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