Agency/Enterprise Beacons

Web Presence Comparison (Premium)

This powerful Data Beacon enables the display and comparison of Web presence metrics across multiple presences including:
• Visibility Score
• Share of Voice
• # of Keyword Positions (1-10, 11-30 and 31-50)
• # of Search Results (aggregate for keywords within the chosen kluster)
• Volume of Organic Traffic
• Volume of Total Traffic
• Conversions
• Age of Domain

Red and Green colour coding is used to identify increases or decreases vs. a selected previous period in order to identify potential issues or positive trends worth reporting. Account managers can link from this Beacon directly to the Web presence or drill down from data into the specific details related to the metrics in order to diagnose and deal with potential issues.

Question(s) Answered: Which clients/presences should I (Agency owner/director) be paying attention to based on performance boosts or declines?

Which clients/presences should I (an account manager) be focusing on based on KPI changes and how should I address them?

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