Our Solution

gShift’s Platform Tracks the On-Site and Off-Site Customer Journey

Today, 67-90% of the customer journey is happening off of the main web site. While SEO and ultimate discoverability of content is still important and often times the origins of the customer journey, off-site analytics and multichannel insights are vital to properly inform digital strategy across paid, owned and earned. Looking at how your content is performing off-site helps you to understand which channels are having an impact on your business.

We understand this shift in the digital marketing space and have developed our technology around providing those insights. Our industry unique software platform consists of three modules: SEO, kontextURLs and Influencer Marketing, continues to evolve in each area and continues to integrate across the modules.

With our further integrations into marketing automation platforms, our system can give you a much more accurate look at how informed a customer is when they complete their journey.

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