HubSpot Integration

Accuracy of Prospect Engagement and Lead Scoring with HubSpot and gShift.

Integration with gShift and Hubspot
Today, you are likely using HubSpot to score the quality of the prospects and leads interacting with content on your website. Keep doing what you’re doing! Our smart URL system, kontextURLs, when combined with HubSpot, tracks all of the engagement of your content distributed via external sources including social channels, blogs and through influencers. This external pageview data is fed into your HubSpot Contact records, enabling you to more accurately score prospects/leads with a much richer engagement history.

Gartner has reported up to 70% of content engagement occurs off-site. Your buyers are becoming more empowered and are in control of their own journeys. They are informing their purchasing decisions by going off-site and this is otherwise invisible to you. Until now.

gShift’s HubSpot integration enables kontextURL click information to be sent to HubSpot for integration with existing on-site pageviews and contact lead scoring. With kontextURLs ability to generate engagement for off-site content, the HubSpot users can now see 3rd party off-site engagement in the exact same way they see and score on-site content engagement.

How Does It Work?

When a kontextURL is resolved and the browser is redirected to the destination URL, the redirect process invokes the same HubSpot tracking code as if the browser were viewing/accessing onsite content.

Lead Scoring, Lead Stages, Contacts and pageviews are all managed in exactly the same way in HubSpot. However, HubSpot users will now also associate Lead Scores with kontextURLs used for off-site content.

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