Wordstream Integration for Keyword Research

Top Internet Marketing Software Winner - WordStream 150We understand the pain that is involved when choosing the appropriate keyword phrases to optimize on your site. We knew that we needed to provide a great way to provide appropriate suggestions and recommendations for what keywords to choose and expanding your options for use of extended versions of existing phrases.

We wanted to help our clients move from trying to compete for the shorter head phrases (less specific phrases that often have high competition) towards looking at long-tail phrases (more specific and generally longer phrases that usually have much less competition) that will not only be possible to rank for, but might also provide more appropriate content for potential visitors based on what they might actually be searching for.

Enter Wordstream

Wordstream Logo

Our friends over at Wordstream definitely understand keywords and more than that – they have lots and lots of data about those keyword phrases (including Competition, Search Volume etc.). We knew right away that integrating their keyword data into our application was the best way for us to provide the most value to users trying to choose the right keywords.  We spoke with the Wordstream folks as soon as we could and began integrating as much of their keyword data as possible. Read the Wordstream Integration Press Release.

Keyword Research in gShift’s Web Presence OptimizerTM

Keyword Research Screen
We’ve added an additional area to our Keywords area in both the Site Settings and Dashboard screens called “Keyword Research” which expands greatly on our  “Keyword Suggestions” area using Wordstream’s data.  Now you can find much more accurate, relevant and specific phrases through looking at “Related Ideas”, Suggestions, Questions and Groupings – each area having a very specific function which is explained further below (and in the video).

Keyword Suggestions Screen


Just like the name would suggest (pun intended), this area provides suggested phrases based on the phrase that you type in.  These phrases are a grouping of other phrases that might also be targeted based on the core of the phrase that you’ve used.  You’ll often find expanded phrases and alternative combination that you could optimize for but had not ever thought about prior.

Related Ideas - Keyword Research Screen

Related Ideas

This one is fairly straight forward as well – basically providing a list of keyword phrases that appear to be related to the words in your phrase.  This area sometimes seems a little more abstract since the logic required to determine actual relations is hugely complicated – meaning that sometimes there might be words that are seemingly not-related initially.  That said, there are very often nuggets of related terms or alternate terms in these lists that you haven’t thought about that would be great additions to existing phrases.

Questions - Keyword Research Screen


This area is an extremely powerful one – providing questions that have been used in search queries that contain (or are directly related to) the phrase that you type in.   The huge value in these suggestions is that internet users are much more likely to type their queries as questions rather than statements when searching for products and services – while at the same time, most web site owners spend all of their keyword focus on statement-based phrases instead of questions.  A well optimized site using question-based phrases (often used appropriately through creating FAQ or Help pages) is a great way to target the long-tail phrases that people are actually using to search for your product or service.

Groupings - Keyword Research ScreenGroupings

Like Related Ideas, this one is a little more abstract.  Essentially this section groups keyword suggestions into topic-based segments related to the phrase you are looking at.  This is another section where you can drill down into a specific topic and find some real nugget keyword phrases.

See it in action!