Technology Partner – Constant Contact

e-mail marketing solutionsConstant Contact is a recognized leader in e-mail marketing, event marketing, survey distribution and other digital marketing channels. gShift has developed a new module for Constant Contact marketers to allow marketers to better understand the behaviour of campaign responders “beyond the inbox”. If a user clicks a link in a “Call to Action” link in an e-mail distributed by Constant Contact, gShift tracks the web and social behaviours of clients that respond to e-mail campaigns.

gShift will provide insights on the bounce rate, social signals and click through behaviours of campaign responders to understand if a client or prospect is engaged by the campaign content or if they click through and then browse to other sites without “sticking” to a landing page or campaign related content. Constant Contact provides strong reporting information within their e-mail solution however once a responder clicks through to the web their behaviour is no longer tracked.

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