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Content Marketing Keyword Research Guide


Not Provided Insights and Intelligence Guide 


Ten Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy


The Power of 3: Content Marketing + SEO + Social Media 


Join Us For Full Demo on December 17th

gShift’s content marketing performance metrics for SEO, Social & Mobile helps brands and agencies efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of a company’s content across a web presence.


Join us for a 30 minute demonstration and learn about gShift’s content insights, analytics features and Constant Contact integration:


  • Daily web presence analytics data on your clients content marketing efforts: position and keyword visibility, web analytics(sessions, conversions), social signals, backlinks, and email campaigns


  • Local, national and global keyword position data – for any language and by device (desktop, mobile)


  • Granular user permissions and the ability to fully control your account: addition of sites/web presences, keywords, competitors and users


  • Customizable branded reports with flexible data range options, automated scheduling and the ability to annotate with consulting notes


  • Full white label options for branding the UI for agencies and those clients to which you’d like to provide access


We look forward to your attendance.