gShift App for Shopify Web Stores

Shopify e-commerce SEOOnline Social, Mobile and Local marketing campaigns have changed the way people are informed, consider and purchase products. If you run a Shopify eStore, having visibility into the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts, the performance of your keyword phrases and social media activity is vital.  


Brands now need to look at everything from audience interests to search terms, to the type of device being used, to create content that is additive while being relevant and timely to inform the customer path to purchase. It’s great to have a mobile commerce site, and if gShift collects billions of data points from local, mobile and social sources (social signals, keywords, backlinks, competitive intelligence, etc.), we compile the data in real-time as insights used to inform content marketer’s as they create and optimize content for an earned media outcome – Optimize brand content for massive discoverability and engagement.


As a Shopify e-commerce client, you want to make sure your website and catalog can be found by your target clients and prospects that are searching for your key products. We ask that you provide descriptive keyword phrases that define your products as your clients are searching for them (for example, “stainless steel toaster” not just |toaster”) gShift’s Shopify App will help you identify when your clients are finding your site based on your keywords, and it also empowers you to find out how your e-commerce site is performing relative to your key competitor(s). gShift will send you a weekly e-mail when your data is available for your review, with graphs that map your site’s popularity with the search engines that are most important to you including Google, Yahoo and/or Bing.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to analyze your Shopify SEO results, the data is intended for a marketing/business owner audience and we take care of all the technical stuff for you. No modification of your Shopify website is needed, you just sign up for the app, activate it and we’ll deliver your results! gShift has been providing over 20,000 brands with Web Performance Optimization data for over five years. No other app in the Shopify App store offers the sophistication of keyword/competitive/SEO data that gShift does. If you require more visibility into the performance of your entire web presence including Social, Local and Mobile rankings, gShift has solutions for agencies and brands that are affordable, scalable and robust. .

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