September 2016 Software Release

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The September 2016 release includes four powerful new feature updates to power your business by revealing data insights or introducing efficiencies to save you time:

An Even More Powerful Web Presence Comparison Beacon

The Web Presence Comparison Beacon is a must have Dashboard addition for any Agency or Enterprise looking to get a top-down view of the performance of all of their clients or presences in one place. This powerful Beacon reports on trends in key metrics including Visibility Score, Organic Share of Voice, Keyword Positions, Number of Search Results, Organic and Total Website Traffic, Conversions and Age of Domain, while also enabling users to drill down to see the data behind these numbers. Many of our users have reported this is their “Start of the day go-to page” and find it points to hot issues, which need to be dealt with or big wins they need to communicate.

Red and Green colour coding enables users to set and monitor performance thresholds to alert them to positive or negative results. Did my Visibility Score drop by more than 10% this month or did my traffic or conversions rise by more than 20%? If so, I want to quickly find out why.

Lastly, all of the data from this Beacon can be downloaded in a .CSV file for additional external analysis or integration.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or to learn more about this Beacon and how it can help you better monitor your agency clients or multi-presence enterprise.

Web Presence Overview Dashboard Report Template

Following on the previous release of Dashboard PDF reporting, we’ve created a templated version of the Web Presence Overview Dashboard, which can be used to generate a pre-formatted PDF overview report as an alternative to our standard Web Presence Report.

This Dashboard includes a Website Traffic Timeline, Visibility Score, Competitive Share of Voice, Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis and Top Performing Keywords and Content Beacons. Sample HTML/Page Beacons have also been included so notes and highlights can be added to your report, as needed. However, any Dashboard can be customized to remove or add any other relevant data you wish.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you would like some help setting up or configuring this Dashboard for any or all presences in your account.


Repeating Activities and the Activity Tracker Beacon Update

Have you signed on a new client to a monthly services contract or have you created a content marketing calendar with recurring activities like scheduled monthly blog posts or Site Audits? Those can now be easily added and tracked as Repeating Activities in gShift.  Simply Add an Activity and then define when and for how long your tasks will repeat.

In the gShift Activity Tracker Beacon, you can monitor Completed or Not Completed Activities within any given period to see what you have done or what you have coming up in your schedule. Drill down into each activity for details or to log time spent.

Want to learn more about gShift Activities and how to better leverage them within your organization? Contact your Client Success Manager or


Follow New Keyword Workflow Update

In an effort to improve the overall User Experience in gShift, we have embarked on a project we call Operation Warm Fuzzy Blanket to simplify some of the processes and to make your life a little bit easier.

The first process we tackled is Following New Keywords. We believe we now provide a simpler, guided path to adding keywords then adding those keywords to search engines and to keyword klusters. Keyword klusters or groups are critical to helping users focus their attention, their Dashboard views and their reporting within gShift.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any feedback on the new keyword workflow or questions about which search engines to follow or how to set up and effectively use keyword klusters.

And watch for other Warm Fuzzy Blankets in upcoming releases.

Other notable features and usability improvements included in this release:

General Platform

  • Make Recommendation Activities the same as regular Activities
  • Add Category to All Activities Panel
  • Change HTML to Excel exports to .CSV
  • Add Search to Add Sub Tasks in the Edit Activity Screen
  • Report request downloads direct from Amazon S3
  • Convert Competition > Keywords Panel to proper Excel file
  • Convert Keyword Positions Panel to proper Excel file

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Page Break Beacon
  • Activity Tracker Beacon mods
  • Dashboard PDF Paginated Beacon Option
  • Move Existing Beacons and Shared Beacons to their own tabs in the Beacon Library
  • Remove Add a Beacon step/popup from Add a Beacon process


  • Add Annotations to Agency and Client Level Reports


  • Include Dynamic kontextURL Info mod
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph – Default Table Sort
  • Show Green Status when updating or editing a kontextURL
  • Do Not Hide Tags when Filtering in the kontextURL List
  • Change the order of the kontextURL Reports in Reports Panel
  • Add Redirect Type Option to Multiple kontextURL Creator
  • Standard kontextURL Engagement Report – Report Summary and Table of Contents
  • Standard kontextURL Engagement Report Title Page layout
  • Standard kontextURL Engagement Report – Export Layout Options
  • Make kontextURLs List Beacon Paginated
  • Create admin tool for looking up owner of a kontextURL
  • Detect 3rd party page previews and optimize redirect type
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph Table – Linking
  • Set Default for Redirect Method in Settings
  • Configure kontextURL tracking codes to use module permissions
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph Beacon – Sort mods
  • Modify kontextURL configuration to allow for JS code snippets to be configured
  • Modify click records to identify which redirect method was used
  • kontextURL API – Tags and Taxonomy
  • Export Filtered Data in kontextURL Generic Data Beacon into CSV

Site Audit

  • Speed up Site Audit usage stats

gShift User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule to register for any of our free regularly scheduled weekly group sessions on (gShift Fundamentals – Getting Started,  Beacons & Dashboards, Competitive Intelligence or Advanced + Content Performance, ). If these days or times do not fit your schedule, please reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for one-on-one training.

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