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November 2014 Release

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We’ve released three new major features in November

  1. Keyword Position Alerts and Email Notifications
  2. Competition Report
  3. Customizable Click-Through Rates for the Not Provided Insights Module

Overviews of each are provided in the videos below.

Keyword Position Alerts and Email Notifications

You can now set up custom alerts on specific keywords to see when content you follow has improved or lost ground in specific search engines. Alerts can be established for movements up or down of 1, 2 or 5 positions or for when your content enters or leaves Page One or the Top 50 search results. Alerts will be flagged immediately in the small eye eye-icon-16x16 icon at the top of the gShift interface. Daily or weekly summary email notifications can also be set up for your Alerts, which can then be accessed and managed within a new Alerts panel.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help setting up your Alerts or Notification emails.

Competition Report

gShift has created a report specifically focused on you and your competition. Specifically, this customizable report, which can be configured to provide data for a single date range or as a comparative weekly, monthly or quarterly report, can include the following data points relative to up to five competitors:

  • Keyword Position Distribution in a specific search engine and/or across all search engines followed
  • Actual Keyword Positions for all the keywords you follow or for specific Keyword Klusters
  • Unique Backlink and Backlink Domain Totals
  • The Number of Indexed Pages in Google and Yahoo
  • And the Age, Expiration and Hosting Location of Domains

The keyword position data incorporates a colour coding system to quickly identify keywords for which you maintain a higher position, a lower position and those for which your competitor is leading so you can see where you may need to focus your attention.

Let your Client Success Manager know if you have any questions about or need help in configuring this important report.

Customizable Click-Through Rates for the Not Provided Insights Module

gShift’s Not Provided Insights module is designed to help solve the Secure Search dilemma faced by marketers, whereby Google is no longer revealing keywords driving traffic to websites.

Currently all gShift users are provided with a Default set of Click Through Rates for the Top 20 Web positions. However, you may wish to change these depending on a specific client’s web presence,  industry or vertical, which you can no do through the Settings > Not Provided Insights section. Create as many different Click Through Groups as you need and then apply them within the Not Provided Insights area associated with your On-Site Pages to gain a better understanding of the keywords driving traffic to your pages.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need help setting up or understanding how to best leverage Not Provided Insights to improve your content marketing and web presence optimization efforts.

New gShift Training Schedule

We are also pleased to announce, we are expanding our free online training sessions to provide more insights and opportunities to learn how to get the most value from your gShift account. Please click here to access our Training Calendar and sign up for any sessions where you can use an introduction or refresher.

Lastly, we do welcome any and all feedback you may have on the product, which we will review and consider within the context of our expanding roadmap to help you continue to improve your Web presence and content marketing optimization efforts. Feedback and feature requests can be emailed to our Product Team at

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