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March 2015 Release

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Our March software release includes a significant new addition to the way gShift users consume, use and gain insights from data in the form of Custom Dashboards and Beacons. Please see more information and a quick sneak preview video below, along with important information around how you can use gShift to prepare for Google’s upcoming algorithm change, which will be focused on the mobile readiness and friendliness of websites. Contact your Client Success Manager or email support@gshiftlabs.com if you have questions or require assistance with how to get the most from these or other features.

Custom Dashboards and Beacons

gShift has introduced Custom Dashboards and Beacons, which will enable users to build their own custom data views and gain valuable at-a-glance insights into their top performing keywords, content, analytics, social engagement, competitors or many other metrics associated with their web presence.

Several standard gShift beacons will be made available and configurable based on specific time periods, keyword klusters, search engines or other applicable criteria. Custom beacons displaying or combining gShift data with third party, external data may also be designed, developed and deployed into custom client dashboards upon request.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to find out more about dashboards, beacons and how you can start using them to gain quicker access to your most actionable data.

Mobile Data and Keyword Position Benchmarking

Mobile SEO data is not new to gShift, but certainly worth mentioning in light of Google’s upcoming algorithm change specifically focused on website mobile friendliness.

You can check and benchmark your website’s current keyword positioning in Google on a mobile device by following your desired keywords or keyword kluster in a relevant local, mobile search engine. You can then review your results in the Keyword Positions panel or generate a Web Presence or Keyword Position report comparing mobile and desktop search results. You may be surprised at the variance between the two and this may change again after April 21st.

gShift also provides quick visibility into the percentage of traffic arriving at your website via a mobile device so you can determine the size of the mobile audience you are addressing.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you would like help selecting a mobile search engine to follow or to request a mobile SEO benchmark report in preparation for the Google update.

Additional Release Notes

There were several other functional and usability-related updates made to the platform in February and March including:

  • Competitive Visibility Report
    • ability to adjust the Click Through Rate settings at the Agency Admin level
    • increased the number of Competitors from 5 to 10
  • Correction of Top Referring Cities data provided in the Web Presence Report
  • Search function added to the Main Keywords management (Keywords>Keywords) panel
  • Update to search function in Keyword Positions panel
  • Improved visual indicators of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools “Revoked” and  “Re-authorization Required” messages
  • Redundant Date Range selection option removed from Content Performance Module
  • Change to workflow to follow keywords in Social Engines (Twitter)
  • Addition of Monthly Keyword Search Volume to Related Searches at the Keyword detail level
  • Updated layout of social signal data in the On-Site Pages, Off-Site Pages and Social Metrics dashboards
  • Enable users to edit friendly content names from within On-Site and Off-Site Page List panel

gShift User Training Schedule

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any group sessions where you feel you could use an introduction or a refresher on data, reporting or advanced features designed to help inform and improve your Web presence.

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