June 2016 Software Release

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The June 2016 release includes four new features, along with several smaller changes and improvements across the applications, as detailed below:

kontextURL / HubSpot Integration for Scoring Off-Site Content Engagement

Marketers leveraging Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing solutions are challenged by their lack of insight into engagement with content outside of their website and before a visitor converts by filling in a form. kontextURLs have been designed to enable the tracking of clicks on off-site content. For those leveraging HubSpot, these clicks can now be registered as pageviews and scored alongside on-site pageviews and conversions. The end result is a more accurate score and ultimately more qualified leads.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com to find out more about tracking off-site content with kontextURLs and how this can be incorporated into HubSpot or other marketing automation and lead nurturing solutions.

Standard kontextURL Engagement Report

The Standard kontextURL Engagement Report has been designed to take the guesswork out of which Content Tags and Tag values to report on. Quickly generate an annotated PDF report containing tables or graphs for a single date range or comparative time periods for a single or multiple campaigns on Top Performing Content, kontextURLs, Channels or other standard metrics. Run this report mid-campaign to decide where to focus your attention and resources or at the end of a campaign to determine its overall success relative to others.

Contact your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com if you need any help setting up your kontextURL Content Tag/Tag Values or this report in particular.

Smart Activities

Smart Activities in gShift serve multiple purposes and are designed to help streamline optimization efforts and workflow.

gShift Users can now assign activities to action items recommended within the gShift Site Audit module. If action items are completed and then an audit is re-run, these activities will automatically be marked as fixed.

Users can also create parent and sub-activities whereby a parent activity can be managed and not marked as complete until all sub-activities have been fulfilled.

Want to learn more about Activities and how to better leverage them within your organization? Contact your client success manager or support@gshiftlabs.com.

Organic Visibility Report

The Organic Visibility Report enables the comparison of multiple presences, keyword klusters or both with a specific focus on organic traffic, keyword positions, competitive and Google Search Console data for a single time period or across two custom date ranges. SEOs managing multiple sites or presences can compare the performance of specific groups of keywords both in terms of their ability to generate organic traffic and relative to the performance of top competitors. Google Search Console errors and indexed content totals based on XML Sitemaps provide insights into how sites are being indexed for organic search. In all, this report provides an excellent holistic view of an brand’s organic performance.

Contact your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com if you’d like to start using this report to focus your attention or your clients specifically on organic performance.

Other features and usability improvements included in the May 2016 release: 

General Platform

  • Change text on Recommendations panel for Smart Activities
  • Add Category to Completed Activities panel
  • Strip matching domains from page path
  • Allow users to change HTTP to HTTPS

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Change text in Competition Keyword Positions Beacon configure panel
  • Update Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis Beacon screenshot in Beacon library
  • Upload Predictive Revenue Analysis Beacon screenshot to Beacon library
  • Client Activity Time Tracking Beacon – Add Title – Update Screenshot in Beacon Library
  • Website Traffic Timeline Beacon mods


  • Update labels in Organic Visibility Report config panel
  • Update the format of Custom Dates in Reports 


  • Change kontextURL Engagement Report to Advanced kontextURL Engagement Report
  • Add Clicks to kontextURLs List
  • kontextURL Dashboard Parameters Override
  • Modify kURL Create Beacons – JavaScript vs. 301
  • API calls to handle management of tags and values

Site Audit 

  • Generate Activities from Audit Recommendations

gShift User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any of our free group sessions on (Getting Started, Advanced + Content Performance, Beacons and Dashboards or Reporting). If these days or times do not fit your schedule, please reach out to our Client Success team at clientsuccess@gshiftlabs.com to arrange for advanced, one-on-one 0nline training.

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