Enterprise SEO Reporting

July 2015 Release

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The latest, significant addition to the gShift SEO platform in July is Enterprise Reporting.

Enterprise Reporting

Large organizations with multiple locations or divisions often require the ability to see how their Web presence is performing at an aggregate, rolled-up enterprise level. gShift has created a configurable Web presence report, which enables this type of reporting along with metrics for Top and Average performing Web presences, in order to identify potential strengths and weaknesses. Comparative time periods can reveal positive or negative trends in organizational Web presence metrics over time. Senior marketers can then zero in on strategies or tactics, which are working and those, which are not at a departmental or geographic level and across channels.

Enterprise SEO reporting from gShift

Contact your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com if you have a Full gShift License and would like to find out more about configuring your individual Web presences to best gather and report on valuable, actionable data via this powerful new report.

Additional Release Notes

Several new Beacons and changes to the Dashboard infrastructure were also

  • Beacon Help – Provide the ability for users to add a pop up description to a Beacon.
  • Beacon Config – Addition of a gear icon which will enable quicker access to configurable criteria (e.g. Kluster, Search Engine, Website, Time Period) within a Beacon to change the view of the data displayed within the Beacon.
  • Dashboard Style Options – Customize the look and feel of your Dashboards to fit your or your client’s corporate style. Choose from a library of background images. Choose or define a custom theme colour. Adjust the transparency of Beacons and Dashboard Headers.
  • HTML / iFrame Beacon – Beacon which enables the ability to add any HTML via a WYSIWYG editor and/or external HTML content (e.g. web pages, YouTube videos) via an iFrame.
  • Image Beacon – Add any image to a Dashboard by adding an image URL or browsing and uploading an image.
  • Competitive Keyword Position Distribution Beacon – Compare Keyword Position Distribution in Groups 1-10, 11-30 and 31-50 by Kluster and by Search Engine vs. Competitors for the last 7, 30 or 90 Days.
  • Competitive Visibility Beacon – Compare Visibility Scores by Kluster and by Search Engine vs. Competitors for the last 7, 30 or 90 Days. Drill down to Competition>Keywords for details.
  • Keyword Kluster Position Beacon – Display the positions of multiple keywords within a Kluster and in a specific Search Engine over 7, 30 or 90 Days.
  • Webmaster Tools error messages Export to Excel option.
  • Remove up/down arrows from the Web Presence Report when no comparative time period is chosen.
  • Add Glossary of Terms to Reports section.
  • Display correct campaign dates in Content Performance Reports view.
  • Majestic Open API Interface modifications.
  • Do not allow annotation text to break across pages in Web Presence Report.
  • Change Competitors icon to a shield.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com should you have any questions about these new features or how to leverage them to optimize your Web presence.

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