January 2015 Release

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In January, we’ve released two new major functional components: Keyword Search Volume Data across several keyword-related panels and Report Queuing and Management. You can review short introductions to each below and follow up with your Client Success Manager or support@gshiftlabs.com if you have any questions or require assistance.

Keyword Search Volume

Valuable average monthly Google keyword search volume data has been added to several panels within gShift’s Keyword Research area and under Related Searches at the individual keyword level. Users are now able to quickly reference this data to identify high value new keywords to follow, see if they have any content ranking and ultimately optimize new content to build authority around these keywords. Search volume at this level provides key actionable insights to help improve focus on the keywords, which matter most.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Success Manager to review your keywords and how you can use keyword search volume to focus your attention and generate results.

Report Queuing and Management

As gShift extends the level and depth of Web presence analytics reporting available both in terms of timeframes and data, these reports require more time to be processed and generated. Rather than having users wait for reports, we have incorporated a queuing and notification system, which will alert users when their reports are ready, which they can then access, review, annotate and download for sharing as they see fit.

Within the new report management panel, users will also have the ability to configure new reports, review scheduled report configurations and view or download completed reports.  Completed reports may also be cloned to retain some, but not all options in a new report. All reports will be archived in the management area for future reference.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help configuring or analyzing your Ad Hoc or Scheduled Reports.

Additional Release Notes

  • Mobile traffic data incorporated into Content Performance dashboard
  • Visual identification of keywords which belong to Campaigns and which Campaigns with Content Performance Module
  • Integration of Constant Contact link clickthrough details within Content Performance module
  • Display of the Most Recent Campaign on the main Content Performance module panel
  • Keywords displayed under Keyword Positions in Campaigns link to Keyword level detail pages for additional keyword-related info
  • Global Modal Notifications from gShift System Admin to all gShift Admin Users
  • Keyword Search added to Keywords > Keywords management panel
  • Competition column removed from the Keywords>Research>Search Volume panel as it provides conflicting Google Adwords related data


gShift User Training Schedule

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any group sessions where you feel you could use an introduction or a refresher.

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