December 2016 Software Release from gShift

December 2016 Software Release

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The primary focus of gShift’s December 2016 release is a new Content Optimizer Workflow, which follows on our commitment to enabling users to gain quicker access to actionable SEO data.

This new workflow is designed to work hand-in-hand with gShift Dashboards and specifically content-focused Data Beacons. Users are encouraged to take a top-down approach to identifying which pieces of content they wish to optimize. Once determined, they can drill down into the data details and analyze the piece of content with a specific keyword focus to receive SEO best practice recommendations. These recommendations can, in turn, become part of a checklist of activities to optimize the content and build its authority for greater organic visibility.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you would like to walk through the new workflow or find out more about how you can leverage any Dashboards or Data Beacons to gain insights and take action.

Other notable features and usability improvements included in this release:

Core SEO Platform

• Keyword Positions – Add Most Recent Position and Change Columns
• Update the UI of the Top 50 Section
• Add Buttons to Ranking Keywords > Manage On-Site Content
• Add Excel download option to Keywords > Research > Search Console
• Increase Size of Follow New Keywords Window
• Add Follow Keywords Button to Unklustered Tab
• Manage Keywords Panel Modification
• Keyword Research Panels – Add Search to All
gShift API Limits Implemented

Beacons and Dashboards

• Change Beacon Website Option Defaults in Multi-Site Presences
• Client Activity Time Tracking Beacon – Add Activities Completed column
• Client Activity Time Tracking Beacon – Filtering entire list of activities by User
• Add pagination and option to select # of pages to display per page to Activity Tracker Beacon


• Adjust Save in Tags Beacon to Save All
• Conversion Path Display Types – Linear, Multi-Source Linear, Non-Linear
• kontextURL IP Filter Update
• kontextURL Reports – Omit Bot Clicks and Filter Out Detected Browser Prefetch Events
• Add Totals Row to the Tables in Advanced kontextURL Engagement Report

kontextURLs User Guide

We are excited to announce the release of our kontextURL User Guide. It has been designed to provide gShift kontextURL users with all of the best practices around configuring, creating, monitoring and reporting on the engagement of on- and off-site content. In this guide, you will learn how to use Content Tags and Conversion Paths to run, optimize and report on omni-channel owned and paid content campaigns from first click through to conversion and ROI.

Click here to access the Guide or contact if you’d like to find out how you can start using kontextURLs.

User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule to register for any of our free regularly scheduled weekly group sessions on (gShift Fundamentals – Getting Started,  Beacons & Dashboards, Competitive Intelligence or Advanced + Content Performance, Reporting).  Or you can always reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for one-on-one training.

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