gShift December 2015 Software Release

December 2015 Software Release

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The December 2015 gShift release includes a number of major feature updates and several smaller usability and functional changes as detailed below.

Web Presence Overview Dashboard

The primary Web Presence Overview Dashboard underwent a significant redesign in an effort to illuminate the most important data and generate quicker insights from Web Analytics, Keyword, Content and Competitive perspectives. The new Dashboard has been divided into sections containing Beacons related to each of these four major areas. Powerful Keyword, Content and Competitor Discovery Beacons reveal areas of strength and/or weakness where attention should be focused. Quick access to follow new keywords, content or competitors has also been added to save time. Users can drill down into more detail from any Beacon for deeper comparative analysis and recommendations.

A guided tour of the new Dashboard is available for users who want to get better acquainted with the Beacons and data provided or you can always sign up for free group training though the Resources section on Contact if you have any questions about this exciting new Dashboard or click here to find out more about Beacons and Custom Dashboards.

Site Audit Integration

Following on gShift’s acquisition of SiteCondor, full technical SEO Site Audit functionality has been added as a premium feature within the platform. The Site Audit tool can be used as a regular diagnostic tool for existing clients or powerful pre-sales tools to show prospects where their website issues lie.

Users can customize their audits to specify which website resources they would like the audit tool to crawl and report on from web pages and images to Javascript, stylesheets and PDFs.

Once generated, the Site Audit provides a detailed breakdown of all of the structural components of a website, which may affect its ability to effectively rank in the search engines. These components include Title Tags, Headings, Meta Descriptions, Internal and External Links, Image Tags, Structured Data, Robots.txt and Canonicals. The audit will also identify page errors and redirects, which can affect site usability. All of these items are then provided in a prioritized list of recommendations for analysis and/or correction.

Audit reports can then be configured to include any or all of the site audit data and generated in either a PDF or Excel format.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you want to find out more about conducting audits on your own, your clients’ or your competitors’ websites.

kontextURL Multi Creator

kontextURLs are designed to monitor the engagement and performance of off-site or on-site content distributed via multiple channels. As such it is important for users to be able to quickly create multiple URLs tagged with specific channel, influencer or other distribution method being leveraged. The new kontextURL Multi Creator does just this. Once URLs have been created they can be copied and pasted or downloaded in CSV format for use in fully monitored content campaigns.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about how you can leverage kontextURLs to monitor and report on engagement with your on-site or off-site content through to conversion.

kontextURL Details Dashboard

All of the engagement data available for a single kontextURL is available for analysis via a comprehensive dashboard and CSV download. The Dashboard includes Beacons reflecting Total & Unique Clicks, Clicks Over Time, Geographic Engagement and Clicks by Day and Time. Deeper metrics around clicks by IP, detailed geo-location, referrer, browser, device and OS are then available via the CSV. This same data can also be made available via an API for those wishing to integrate with third-party analytics or dynamic content solutions.

Armed with this data marketers can get a full sense of how well, when, where and to some extent who is engaging with which content in order to adjust campaigns and conversion paths accordingly.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or to learn more about the power of kontextURLs for measuring off-site and on-site content engagement.

Also in this Release:

General Platform

• Add Site Audit Button to Web Presence Overview Panel
• Web Presence Overview Dashboard Tour mods
• Ability to restart Web Presence Overview Dashboard tour
• Default Kluster designation
• Create API endpoint to get the agency/presence id mapping
• Create a copy of Web Presence Overview Dashboard when User clicks Save
• New Compact View for Presences
• Link Google Analytics Enabled and Google Webmaster Enabled Text

Beacons and Dashboards

• Beacon Library redesign – categories, search, screenshots and descriptions
• Advanced Dashboard options hidden
• Content Keywords Beacon – add pagination
• Error message if two dashboards with same Named Route
• Remove Beacon titles duplicated in Info Section
• Option to remove borders from HTML/iFrame and Button Beacons
• Add “Link to Details” Options to Multiple Beacons
• Add “No Data” Message to Conversions by Channel Beacon
• Turn Float off for Dashboards
• Fix Beacon Snapshot not capturing full Beacon
• Create gShift Theme option for Dashboards (left justified, Title size, Beacon borders)


• Change Report Naming Convention
• Site Audit PDF/Excel Reports


• Custom Date Ranges for kontextURL data
• kontextURL Details Dashboard Beacon default Date Ranges
• kontextURL Creator – Your URL mods
• kontextURL List Sort by Date Created
• kontextURL Generic Data Graph Timeline display titles
• kontextURL url_stats call broken down hourly
• Accessing Multi kontextURL Creator from kontextURL Creator
• Add kontextURL Browser Extension to the Google Chrome Web Store
• kontextURL Generic Data Beacon Filter by Tag Values
• Tag and Taxonomy Beacon heading changes
• Add Padding to sides of kontextURL Settings and Privacy Policy Beacons
• Language/wording change in kontextURL browser extension setup
• Public facing API required to obtain kontextURL click data
• kontextURL Geographic Distribution Data map zoom/scroll fix
• kontextURL Creation – improve labeling and workflow

Site Audit

• Auto Refresh Job List In SiteCondor
• Add Help Buttons and Content to Site Audit config panel
• Add Date Run to Site Audit list
• Create two new Site Audit packages for Brands (Professional and Enterprise)
• Add Search Field to Job Details
• Add Create or Schedule a New Site Audit Button to Site Audit List

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