gShift Competitive Visibility Report

December 2014 Release

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Our December release includes one new major feature – the Competitive Visibility Report.

The Competitive Visibility Report is a complement to the new Competition Report for those looking to identify competitive keyword position and web presence visibility trends for a specific period of time or as a comparison over two distinct time frames. The metrics presented and compared versus up to five competitors for all search engines or a specific search engine followed and a specific keyword kluster over the given time period are:

  • The Number of #1 Keyword Positions Maintained
  • The Number of Keyword Positions on Page One, 2-3 or 3-5
  • The Number of Keywords which moved up or down
  • The Keywords Positions Gained vs. Those Lost
  • The Net Change in Keyword Gains vs. Losses
  • A Search Visibility Score, which is a relative score calculated based on all keyword positions maintained in the Top 50 for a selected kluster of keywords multiplied by click through rates assigned to each keyword position and then divided by the highest attainable score for all keywords followed.

The data is then presented in both tabular and timeline formats for more in-depth analysis.

As with all gShift reports, the Competitive Visibility Report can be run immediately or as a regularly scheduled daily, weekly or monthly report.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help configuring or analyzing your own Competitive Visibility Report.

Additional Release Notes

  • Keyword Search Volume has been added to several panels (particularly under Keyword Research) where decisions can/should be made about which keywords to follow
  • There have been several updates to the Content Performance Module campaign configuration and data layout to make it more functional
  • Date range reflects campaign Start and End Date
  • Addition of Pageviews data per page and broken down by Channel
  • Selection of which applicable GA Goals are to be tracked
  • Drilldown to which specific Conversions were completed by Entrance page and broken down by Channel
  • Keywords under Keyword Positions link to individual keyword details
  • Quick iconic identification of which Search Engines, Social Engines or Klusters a keyword belongs to or if a keyword is being watched (via an Alert) both in the Keywords>Keywords panel and at the individual Keyword Detail level
  • Ability to search for a keyword within the Keywords>Keywords panel
  • Keyword selection persistence through pagination within the Keywords>Keywords panel
  • Drilldown from Conversion Totals on On-Site Pages>Analytics to Conversions and Breakdown of Conversions by Channel


New gShift Training Schedule

As announced last month, we have expanded our free online training sessions to provide more insights and opportunities to learn how to get the most value from your gShift account. Topics include gShift Fundamentals, gShift Advanced plus Workflow, Competitive Intelligence and Reporting, which covers each of these areas in gShift and provides opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Click here to access the Training Calendar and sign up for any sessions where you feel you need an introduction or refresher.

As always, we welcome your product feedback and feature requests, which we will review and consider within the context of our expanding roadmap to help you continue to improve your Web presence and content marketing optimization efforts. Email your questions or comments to our Product Team at

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