April 2016 Software Release

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gShift’s April 2016 release is packed with four new major features and several other new functional and usability improvements, which are all detailed below:

Predictive ROI Analysis Beacon

Building on the power of the Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis Data Beacon, this premium feature leverages search engine results, average monthly search volume, estimated click through rates and Google Analytics eCommerce data to predict the effect improving the keyword positions of multiple topical keywords will have on website traffic and revenue.What is the expected revenue boost?

This is a must-have tool for eCommerce website managers and marketers focused organic search optimization and ROI.

Contact sales@gshiftlabs.com if you have any questions about leveraging this powerful new Beacon to justify and improve your search campaigns.

Web Presence Comparison Beacon

Agencies and large Enterprises need to be able to quickly identify and diagnose potential issues across multiple Web properties. The Web Presence Comparison Beacon delivers multiple Web presence metrics including Visibility Score, Share of Voice, Keyword Position Distribution, Organic Website Traffic and Total Traffic across presences for a selected date range. This data can in turn be filtered by user so account managers review only the presences and metrics pertinent to them. In addition, significant decreases or increases are flagged in red or green for easy identification. Users can then drill down into keyword or traffic details to diagnose and address issues as needed.

Contact your Client Success Manager or support@gShiftLabs.com if you’d like to find out more about this Beacon and how you can add it to your Agency or Enterprise level Dashboard.

kontextURL Bulk Editing

If you need to change the Titles, Descriptions, Destination URLs or Content Tags associated with multiple kontextURLs after they’ve been created or even after a campaign has ended, you can now do so via the kontextURL bulk editor. Content Tags, in particular, may evolve over time as you think about different ways you may want to segment your reporting. Simply select the URLs in question, adjust and save your changes…and you’re done.

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you have any questions about how to edit kontextURLs or how to best leverage Content Tags for custom segmented engagement reporting on your off-site and on-site content.

kontextURL Engagement Report

gShift Beacons and Custom Dashboards are great for monitoring and adjusting content campaigns in real-time, but once a campaign has ended you’ll likely want to generate a full historical click report. The kontextURL Engagement Report has been designed to enable marketers to obtain a filtered summary report, a detailed click history by kontextURL or both. Generate a PDF to share with colleagues or download a comprehensive CSV file to manipulate click details for your off-site and on-site content however you wish.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you need any help configuring or interpreting the data within your first kontextURL Engagement Report.

Other new features and usability improvements included in this release:

Web Presence Analytics Platform

  • Allow for Non-Cascading Roles
  • Off-Site Content Sorting
  • Add Lock Symbol beside HTTPS Search Results
  • Change Heading in Keywords > Keyword Detail > Manage
  • Agency Config – Email from: fields
  • Include Search Volume in Competitors Keyword Panel Export
  • Content>Manage On-Site-Content>Move Follow New Content button
  • Content>Discover Content Search
  • Keyword Manage – Add to Search Engine – Select All option
  • Public API – Keyword recommendations
  • Campaign Labels need updated
  • Google Credentials Manager
  • Update Recommendations Type List include Custom Types
  • Manage Keywords – Select All Keywords in a Kluster
  • Update Keywords Driving in Traffic to be Organic only
  • Responsive Testing and Definition
  • On-Site Content – Page Level Details menu mods
  • Add Klusters to Switch Keyword Modal

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Client Activity Time Tracking Beacon
  • Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Beacon – Search Engine Selection mod
  • gShift Internal Stats Dashboard
  • Activity Tracker – Filter by User
  • Update Activity Tracker Beacon screenshot in Beacon Library
  • Website Conversion Analysis Screenshot in Beacon Library and Add Link to Goals option
  • Add Ignore Option to Top Content by Visibility and Discovered Content Beacons
  • Enable # of Rows Displayed in Config in Paginated Beacons
  • Facebook Ads Beacon mods
  • Dashboard Navigation improvements


  • Reports, Labels, Annotations overhaul to be based on Node/Level
  • Change Local Search Volume to Search Volume in Web Presence Report Options
  • Web Presence Report – Paid Metrics – Add CampaignID
  • Keyword Report Position Option Updates
  • Less than 13 Month Option for Keyword History Report
  • Make the Description Section within the Web Presence Report a WYSIWYG
  • Add Search Volume to Competition Report
  • Pagination of Reports List
  • Keyword Report Modifications
  • Keyword History Report Time Period Options


  • Detect Browser prefetch and mark logged clicks with attribute for later filtering
  • Update Conversion Path Data Beacon Image in Beacon Library
  • ‘Internal’ API for getting raw clicks made by a specified cookie ID
  • Add support for more fine-grained tag edits to kontextURL bulk editor
  • Add “Internal” API endpoint for migrating kontextURLs between Levels/Nodes
  • Change kontextURL Details beacon to download CSV via AJAX instead of inline
  • Bulk Edit kontextURLs
  • Export CSV option in Generic Data Graph Beacon
  • kontextURL Browser Extension creation mods
  • kontextURL Conversion Pathway Config and Display mods
  • Support for multiple privacy policies per agent/client
  • kontextURL Engagement Report
  • Privacy Policy Enforce option
  • kontextURL Generic Data Graph – Add Sort Arrows to Tabular Data
  • Link from Generic Data Graph Beacon to Individual Links

Site Audit

  • Add site XML map download to Site Audit results
  • Add graph to summary section of Site Audit
  • Add in new sections to Excel reports
  • Site Audit Recommendation Sections – Update
  • Update Recommendations in Site Audit Report to match Audit Recommendation

gShift User Training

Click here to access our User Training schedule and register for any of our free group sessions on (Getting Started, Advanced + Content Performance, Beacons and Dashboards or Reporting). If these times do not suit you, please reach out to our Client Success team at clientsuccess@gshiftlabs.com to arrange for advanced, one-on-one training.

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