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April 2015 Release

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Our April software release includes three major updates:

  1. Standard Beacons
  2. Traffic by Device and Channel Metrics
  3. Majestic SEO Backlinks Integration


Standard Beacons and Insightful Dashboards

gShift has created an initial set of Standard Beacons, which can be configured and added to Custom Dashboards in order to gain quick insights on top performing keyword and positions, website traffic by channel or device, top performing content, social signals or competitive visibility. Insightful Dashboards can be designed to answer important questions like “Which keywords should I focus on?” or “How is my web presence performing?”

Several more Standard and Premium Beacons are in development, while Custom Beacons incorporating external data or more complex data analysis may be designed and developed upon request.

Contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to find out more about Beacons, Dashboards and how you can start using them to gain quicker access to your most actionable data.

Website Traffic by Device and Channel

Following on Google’s Mobile SEO algorithm update and an increasing focus on website traffic by device, gShift has incorporated enhanced views of traffic broken down by Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device in the On-Site Content > Analytics section. Users can further drill down to see which channels such as Organic, Referral, Social or Paid are delivering traffic by device, as well as which goals defined in Google Analytics are being converted by device. This information can help marketers determine, which content is best suited to their audiences and the devices they are using to consume it.

Reach out to your Client Success Manager, if you would like to review the mobile data available in gShift or better understand how to interpret and use it in your Web Presence Optimization strategy.

Majestic SEO Backlinks Integration

Backlinks continue to be a major Google ranking factor and backlink research and creation is an important part of the Web presence optimization process

gShift has significantly improved the quality of its backlink data via an integration with Majestic SEO. Visit for Majestic plan pricing.

Phase One of this integration involved the incorporation of Majestic backlink metrics data including total backlinks, total unique domains, backlink diversity, citation flow and trust flow, which is displayed alongside similar gShift-acquired data. Further gShift reflects the gain/loss of backlinks reported on by both services over time.

In Phase Two, licensed and authorized Majestic SEO users will be able to connect to their account and pull backlinks details into gShift via API. gShift users will have the opportunity to choose which source they wish to use. Majestic backlinks will be reviewed, verified and presented in the primary backlinks section within gShift as they have always been.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or should you have any questions about the integration, setting up your own Majestic SEO account, interpreting your backlink data or that of your competitors.

Additional Release Notes

There were several other functional and usability-related updates made to the platform in April including:

  • Generic System Wide Events
    • Google Algorithm updates are added as events to graphs throughout gShift to quickly identify impacts.
  • Update to Labels throughout the app:
    • On-Site Pages changed to On-Site Content
    • Off-Site Pages changed to External Content
    • Management pages in each section are now called Manage instead of the Section name e.g. Keywords > Keywords to Keywords > Manage
    • New is now Newly Added and Recent is now Recently Accessed under Keywords>Manage
  • Hide Empty Sections (where no data is presence) in Reports
  • Traffic by Location now displayed in On-Site Content > Analytics
  • Follow New Keyword Button Updated throughout the Keywords section
  • Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries moved under under Keywords>Research
  • Warning provided when Adding too many Google Analytics accounts to a single Web Presence
  • Read Later option added to Notification messages
  • Competition Section – Choose a Keyword Kluster to filter data and Search Volume is now available in Competition> Summary and Competition > Keywords panels
  • Small UI updates on Overview pages for Social Signals in On-Site Content, Off-Site Content and Social sections
  • Select All option on On-Site Content > Discover
  • Keywords from GWMT > Search Queries Panel link to individual Keyword details
  • gShift Help Center released and integrated into gShift with over 250 articles
  • New Help button and functionality added in bottom right hand corner of the app. You can also access the Help Center at

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