YouTube SEO: Optimizing for the Second Largest Search Engine

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When you think of search engines, what likely comes to mind are the obvious choices like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Many people overlook one significant influencer to SEO that is now the second largest search engine – YouTube.

In addition, YouTube videos are increasingly positioned well in Google, in some cases gaining placement at the top of Page One.

There are many benefits to your organization having a presence on YouTube. One major benefit is the extensive visibility of the YouTube community itself. Using this medium shows that your business is current and embraces a very popular form of communication.

Another benefit is that the video content published on YouTube is social and easy to share across other social networks and mediums. When done correctly, a well-optimized video can reach a significant audience, increase your organic search results and drive more traffic to your primary website.

YouTube SEO: 3 Steps

There are three main steps to remember when promoting your business on YouTube: Optimize, Socialize and Analyze.

Youtube SEO How-To GuideIt is a simple strategy that, when executed effectively, will help solidify your web presence and organic positions.
(Download: YouTube SEO How-To Guide)

  1. Optimize your presence through both the videos and the channel itself. Know and understand your organization’s keywords and keep them in mind when entering in all of the data around your video. Pay attention to detail. Incorporate calls to action and links to your website or other web properties to encourage visits.
  2. Socialize videos on your website, blog and across as many social media networks as possible to ensure they are widely distributed. Sharing video content across your networks is how social signals are created. High quality content, such as videos, can motivate your viewers to share across their own social networks, creating an amplification effect.
  3. Analyze the results of your efforts. Track how your videos are ranking, the number of views of your videos and channel and how much traffic is heading from YouTube to your website. You will also want to see how much of that traffic converted (assuming you’ve set up Goals in Google Analytics). Be sure to take a deeper dive and look into the keywords that are important to your business. Are you well positioned within YouTube search for those keywords?

YouTube video rankings by keyword within gShift’s Web Presence Optimizer™ give you an accurate view into specific terms and how they are performing.

YouTube Keyword Positions in gShift Labs

With the growing popularity and authority that YouTube has shown within the world of social marketing, it can be a valuable addition to any organization’s online strategy. However, as with anything else in business, if you are going to take the time to do it, make sure you do it right.

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