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Why I Love the Top 50 SEO Rankings in gShift

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gShift has a lot of great functionality throughout the platform. You can get daily insights on content, rankings, off-site content engagement and on-site analytics. But when I am asked what I like most about gShift and what I recommend: I am quick to answer, the Top 50 SEO Rankings.

As the Manager of Client Success, I regularly train new clients on how to use gShift and provide frequent group and monthly sessions to help our clients and agencies to get the most out of the software.

There are a number of sections I love in gShift including our Dashboards, Beacons and kontextURLs. But when you want to find out a lot about your online presence in a single place, the Top 50 is the place to go.

Top 50 SEO Rankings from gShift

What is the Top 50 SEO Rankings?

The Top 50 can be accessed via the main dashboard by clicking on any hyperlinked keyword you are following or tracking in your presence. This can also be found in the Keyword Positions tab, under Competition and or by drilling down into keyword details from a few of our keyword Beacons.

The Top 50 is the place where you can see all websites ranking in the Top 50 results for any given keyword. It will show you the pages which have changed in position, since the previous results were collected. You can also see the last 7 days of rankings to verify and to see what has changed.

If you are ever want to verify our ranking results for accuracy, the Top 50 is where you can come to see not only how you’re ranking in a local search engine (if you’re tracking it in gShift), but how you’re ranking across the country. This is especially important, as we can’t all be in different places at one time.

When you initiate a search in your browser, there are multiple factors in place. First, how many times have you searched for the same keywords in Google? Are you searching incognito? Is Google picking up your IP address and detecting your location, but perhaps not your client’s location or specified region of your choice? Your results will be skewed based on these factors.

gShift is going to provide you with an unbiased view and we also include local Google Maps rankings along with the numerical positions. This is updated on a daily basis for national search engines and every other day for local search engines.

Using the Top 50 SEO Rankings to Discover Competitors

Another benefit to the Top 50 is being able to follow off-site content and competitors. To the right of every ranking URL in the list, we make it easy for you to follow Competitors from this area and the external content which is relevant to your Web presence because your presence is much more than just your website.

gShift doesn’t just focus on the content of your Website. We can show you how your content is ranking outside of your site as well. I always recommend adding at least one branded term to your list of keywords as it can provide a treasure trove of off-site content. You will probably be ranking high in the Top 50 rankings for these branded terms, which is why you don’t need to add more than a few, but the insight you will get from adding these terms is immeasurable.

You will be surprised at the number of profiles which are ranking, discovered articles, videos and press releases, which are talking about you. You can easily follow these pages and we will begin to monitor the referral traffic and conversions in Google Analytics, Page Social Signals and rankings every day. We also have a dedicated icon for your off-site content, so you can quickly differentiate your on-site content from your off-site content.

We do the same for Competitors. You can use our “Discovered Competitors Beacon” which uses the Top 50 to locate common online domains which rank for your keywords. This is why we have a breakdown for Discovered Competitors as Strong, Average and Weak. The more competitors who are found for the same keyword terms you have added to gShift, the higher the strength of the competitor. You are able to quickly Follow or Ignore competitors from the Beacon or you can click on any keyword on the Dashboard, Competition or the Positions tab to find more on your own.

You will need to eyeball whether the Top 10 rankings are relevant to your website as you may see associations, magazines, newspapers, online publications or broader information sites like Wikipedia ranking for the same keyword. You may have noticed there’s a link icon to the right of the URL which enables you to see the actual page before following it as a Competitor. Once you add a domain as a Competitor, gShift will deliver all of the rankings for each of the keywords you are tracking in gShift and you can compare yourself to your competition side-by-side. Competitors will be displayed with their own icon to differentiate these from your on-site and off-site content as well.

To take competitive analysis a step further, you can use the “Advanced Discovered Keywords” Beacon to find keywords your competitors appear to be optimizing for. This Beacon can be focused on a single search engine or across the 2,500+ search engines gShift crawls.

Finding Backlinks Within the Top 50 SEO Rankings

Lastly, you can find out what backlinks competitors have established and potentially obtain links from some of the same relevant sites to build your own authority.

This brings me to my last point on why I love the Top 50. We recommend adding Majestic for a fully-verified list of backlinks, however, depending on your circumstances this may not always be feasible. You can use the Top 50 to find a number of backlink opportunities using the keywords you are already tracking.

Each day, you have a Top 50 list of ranking pages, which will provide you with insights into not only your competition or off-site content, but also an opportunity to identify other sites which are trying to found for the same keyword term or phrase. These websites are going to be your most relevant potential backlinking opportunities. If you are able to successfully obtain links from these relevant site you can upload them to gShift manually and/or add backlinking as a completed activity. Once we have verified the backlink, we will continually monitor the link to make sure it hasn’t expired.

If you haven’t discovered the Top 50, take a look for yourself and add it to your regular gShift process. In the end it will help you to discover a number of resources, new competitors, content and backlink sources, which will benefit your future reporting and overall optimization goals.

If you are not yet a gShift user or if you are in the market to find an SEO software platform, download our free resource, SEO Software: A Buyer’s Guide and Workbook. It will help you evaluate and compare features which are important to your organization, such as the Top 50!

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