What Your Web Presence Wants from Santa

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So it turns out that maybe there is a Santa Claus because apparently your Web Presence wrote him a letter and this is what it said:

Dear Santa,

Santa Claus Using Laptop

Santa Claus Using Laptop — Image by © Tom Grill/Corbis


I’ve been a good Web Presence this year, but like any greedy Web Presence, I want more. Here are my top 3 wishes. If these 3 wishes came true they would make such a big difference to our organic search strategy. Santa, I even promise to leave you milk and cookies and even some rum and eggnog.

My 3 Christmas Wishes:

1st Wish: An Optimized Company LinkedIn Page

Santa, I checked and we don’t even have a Company LinkedIn Page and there are so many great reasons to do this. For example, Google crawls and indexes LinkedIn quite regularly so if someone searches in Google for our company name, our LinkedIn Company Profile will likely come up in the top 10.

When a Company Profile is added to LinkedIn, we can add keyword tags representing our products and services. Since LinkedIn is a search engine (yes, people actually start searches there) when people search in LinkedIn for a company and words associated with our company (keywords), it is important to be listed.

Last, but certainly not least, LinkedIn is part of a web presence’s overall backlinking strategy. Google loves LinkedIn and places a relatively high value on links from LinkedIn to a website. Let’s get listed.

Here’s a link to get started with adding a Company to LinkedIn – http://linkd.in/cP7mof.

2nd Wish: Optimized Twitter Posts

Santa, more and more, prospects, customers, potential and existing employees are consuming information on Twitter. It is an effective way to build and maintain our brand. But help:

If you have any doubt about Twitter’s value to business did you know that Google loves Twitter posts. Google crawls and indexes Tweets regularly. And Twitter is (like LinkedIn) a search engine unto itself. Using keywords in a Tweet will increase the chances of being found when someone starts their search in Twitter.

3rd Wish: Optimized Press Releases

Google loves timely, relevant and consistent information and press release are a great way to let Google know that our company news is serious. Using a PR syndication platform such as Marketwire or PRWeb to issue the press release will ensure it is picked up by relevant new sites. This will also greatly enhance backlinks which Google also loves.

In the new year, let’s set a realistic goal of issuing a certain number of press releases – one per quarter for example. (Download: The Guide to SEO for PR)

Thanks Santa! I hope your Internet elves will have time to make my Christmas wishes come true.


Greedy Web Presence

P.S. And last but not least Santa, could you check to see if Google Analytics is installed on my main website and if it isn’t then here are the steps to get this done – Google Analytics Setup Guide.

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