Top Features of SEO Software

Survey Results: Digital Marketers Vote on Top Features of an SEO Software Platform

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Top Features of SEO Software

Over the past several weeks, we have been discussing the questions and challenges facing digital marketers when investing in technology today. Specifically, we have looked at the signs of a good relationship with your SEO software platform provider and the top questions to ask when going through the purchasing process.

In order to get a better understanding of the more technical side of the purchasing process, we surveyed over 100 search-marketing professionals to see which features of an SEO software platform matter most for their organizations’ strategies. We asked them to evaluate these features based on what they use the most and which metrics would help them make data-driven decisions for their digital marketing tactics.

The respondents came from various career levels and roles, from Intermediate SEOs to VPs of Marketing and represented many different industries, including media, hospitality, travel, automotive, marketing and others.

The list included 17 common SEO platform features/functionalities, which were ranked on a scale of 1-5, where 1 was Not Necessary and 5 was Critical. While nothing on the list fell into the Not Necessary bucket, there were certainly clear and consistent winners visible in the results.

The Winning Top 3 SEO Features:

  1. Keyword Research Insights – The ability to provide insights into which keywords should be driving your SEO, content and social strategies.
  2. Ease of Use – The option to run ad-hoc, scheduled and custom reports on the data most important to you.
  3. SEO Reporting – The provision of tools within the platform, which are easy to use and understand.

What are the most important features of an SEO software platform.

The Ultimate Purchasing Decision for SEO Software

Many organizations head into an evaluation process with one specific aspect in mind as their deciding factor. For some it may be the reputation of the platform, while for others it may boil down to the features or final price. Which factor wins out depends entirely on the company, their budget and priorities.

During a recent webinar, we asked the attendees to weigh in on which factor they feel ultimately decides the fate of their purchasing process. Interestingly, as the industry has evolved and marketers have become more savvy, we have seen the trend for deciding factors move from price to feature set and the results of our webinar poll confirmed it.

Deciding factors for buying an SEO software platform

It is important to note the other poll results, which indicate an equal value being placed on price and reviews/support/services. This means marketers increasingly value the reputation of an SEO platform as much as they do the price tag.

SEO Software Platform: Buyer’s Guide and Workbook

In order to help you through the SEO software buying process as much as possible, we have developed a comprehensive buyer’s guide and workbook. The guide is comprised of in-depth insights into the world of SEO technology and includes sections for you to insert and evaluate your own goals, strategies, priorities and questions.

Download the SEO Software Platform: Buyer’s Guide and Workbook now.SEO Software Buyers Guide Workbook

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