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SiteCondor Featured on Backlinko Complete List of SEO Tools

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It seems like a new SEO tool is born every day. As the industry grows and develops, so does the number of options digital marketers have to choose from. However, choosing can be the hardest part. With so many tools to get to know, it can be difficult to identify the ones which will provide you the most value.

Brian Dean from Backlinko recently released his SEO Tools: The Complete List, for 2015. In this comprehensive guide, he lists out tools he has personally tested, reviewed and rated. To make it easy to sort through, tools are categorized by task they complete, price range and whether or not they make Brian’s favorites.

We are proud to see gShift’s site auditing tool, SiteCondor, has made the list of options. You can find SiteCondor listed under the Technical SEO section of the list. Here is what Brian had to say about the tool:

“A VERY in-depth site audit tool. If there’s a potential SEO issue with your site (like a broken link or a Title tag that’s too long), Site Condor will identify it. Even I was a bit overwhelmed with the issues it found at first. Fortunately, the tool comes packed with a ‘View Recommendations’ button that tells you how to fix any problems that it finds.” – Brain Dean

View the complete list of SEO Tools here.

SiteCondor Site Graph featured on SEO Tools List

SiteCondor’s Site Graph was listed as Dean’s favourite feature.

Comments 22

  1. Rapid changes happened as time goes by. SEO helps us to boost our traffic or number of visitors. It also uses different types of techniques and strategies to get a website to a high rank and we need SEO tools to make it rank.

  2. SEO tools are essential for a successful marketing campaign. There are so many tools which are useful for SEO of any business. But the tools described here were very useful and important tool. I think these are the tools that every SEO must have.

  3. Great collection for SEO tools, I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of collection. I added it to my favorites blog site list and will be checking back soon. Thanks

  4. Well, they come and go like in any other industry. I think the major factor of them going is the cost of seo tools. It looks like it’s not much at first glance but then they discover more and more tools that they actually need and bills add up as most of them charge monthly. I personally use – it costs me nearly 30 bucks a month for Moz, Semrush and Majestic. It’s not ideal as the seats are shared but it does the job. Good list though, way to go.

  5. Thanks, Crys Wiltshire for this great article. Yes, it is true that the SEO helps in getting a big traffic on the site. The SEO tools are essential for a successful marketing campaign. The tools described by you were very useful and important. These tools are prior for every SEO.

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