SEO Software for Non-SEO Professionals helps Business Owners Ramp up their Organic Search Optimization Strategies

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Toronto, Ontario, February 10, 2011: When Jan-Pro Canada wanted to reduce their reliance on pay-per-click advertising in Google and invest instead in organic search for their business, they turned to gShift Labs’ SEO Software to help them build their strategy and execute it on a monthly basis.

“We had spoken to SEO experts and they were never able to conclusively describe what an organic SEO strategy would look like for our business and what we would need to do monthly,” said Jean Roberge, Master Franchise Owner of Jan-Pro Canada. “We knew that with industry statistics suggesting 75% of searchers click on organic results versus Adwords, we needed an aggressive SEO strategy for our business. The dollars we were spending on pay-per-click were not getting us business.”

gShift Labs has developed patent-pending, web-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Software for marketers that enables a consistent and repeatable approach to optimizing the organic search results of an organization’s web presence. What makes gShift’s SEO software different from other tools on the market, is that it is an SEO software system built specifically for non-SEO professionals. “We are changing the way people think of and perform organic search optimization”, said Krista LaRiviere, CoFounder and CEO gShift Labs. “Marketers should have control of their SEO like they have control over email marketing and paid search.”

Jan-Pro Canada started out with a list of keywords they thought their customers were using to search for commercial cleaning services. They built a keyword strategy for the website using tools found in gShift, benchmarked the words against competitors sites and then started to track and measure their progress getting to Page One of Google by implementing a variety of tasks that were provided in the SEO software. Not only could they see their ranking moving on weekly basis, they could see what was working and what wasn’t as they adjusted content, the website and their keywords over time.

gShift Lab’s Web Presence OptimizerTM solves a growing business problem for business owners. Every organization today, regardless of size or industry, needs a strong online presence for their business. Being found on Page One of search engines has traditionally been a long and expensive process. gShift Labs has solved the organic search engine optimization problem with a software system that makes it easy and simple to rank and get found.

There are a variety of tactics and best practices that are used by SEO professionals to improve organic search results. They are time consuming, complicated and require tying together a number of publicly available tools. gShift’s SEO software is a system that pulls all tactics into one spot. Less time can be spent on “figuring out SEO” and more time can be spent on building the right content to deliver traffic to a web site. This software is a breakthrough for marketing departments of all shapes and sizes and for companies that understand the importance of a strong organic search engine optimization strategy for their business.

About gShift Labs

gShift Labs provides SEO Software for non-SEO professionals by giving marketers control over their organic search rankings. gShift’s SEO Software, Web Presence OptimizerTM (WPO), simplifies, demystifies and standardizes the way a website gets found on the internet to reduce the time and resource commitment necessary to perform, report, analyze and improve organic search optimization. Companies across North America and around the world are getting to Page One because of gShift’s SEO software.  Winner of the Digital Media category at the 2010 CIX Awards and Best New Start-up of the 2010 York Technology Alliance Technology Leadership Awards, gShift Labs is considered one of the hottest innovative companies in Canada to watch and follow.

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