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Many people have been asking me lately what an SEO platform or SEO Software System have regarding features versus SEO tools?  As well as the ultimate question,  “why do I need this in my marketing department?”

SEO Tools VS SEO Platform

Let’s start with SEO tools.  As the word suggests, a tool is something in your marketing toolbox and you typically need a few of them to get a job completed. Also, you need to be a talented enough individual to figure out where to find these tools and bridge the data together in order to make sense of everything. Free tools, freemium tools, and software licenses, in terms of SEO, do exist, but you still need to apply some level of professional services to create SEO reports and take action.

An SEO Platform, or SEO Software System, offers a digital marketing agency, or marketing manager, the ability to have all SEO related data points inside one piece of software.  This allows for a critical analysis and the ability to trend data points over time.  It allows users to co-relate data and look at their websites’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

SEO Platform/SEO Software System

The reason that we see these terms interchangeably is because of cloud computing and APIs.  A “system” suggests that the data residing within the database has been collected by that system alone. A platform, however, indicates that the software is collecting data from various other applications or data points and is sharing data with our applications.

At a closer look, one could argue that SEO Software System is the right choice for two reasons. Firstly, a system suggests that there is user management, workflow, task management layers surrounding SEO data and reporting.  So that tasks, actions and search engine events can be reviewed along search engine position and analytics trending data to see if an action made a positive impact.

Web Presence Optimization

At gShift Labs, we use the terms interchangeably, and we know we have the “feature list” to qualify as an SEO platform.  We are also pushing for a new category called Web Presence Optimization (WPO) – instead of Search Engine Optimization.  We believe that SEO is web-site centric, and we urge organizations to think beyond the website and look at all aspects of their presence, both onsite and offsite, to rank higher in search engines. WPO also accounts for the cross-linking or back-linking of content generated on sites with a higher authority, other than your website, that point back to your business website, thus causing all of the content get higher rankings in the search engines.  Web Presence Optimization also refers to the fusion of search engine optimization, social media optimization and search analytics.

The SEO platform industry is gaining momentum and from what we see through our clients, this is just the beginning.  Our SEO platform, gShft, is made for the digital agencies and business owner that feels that SEO is just another marketing process and with the help of an SEO Software they can look at the data and make informed decisions to achieve top rankings in the search engines. If you would like to know more about WPO or how gShift can help your businesses, talk to us or visit our resource section.

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