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Life at gShift: Preparing for Scale and Growth

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Last month I shared why I left Salesforce to come work at gShift. I talked about the excitement of working for a fast growing company and the challenges we will overcome in the process of growth.

Now, two and a half months into my time at gShift, the one thing still sinking in is the pace of everything as we prepare for incredible scale. To some, the pace may be overwhelming and the scale may be daunting. However, I find it is both exciting and motivating.

What I’ve come to realize is this feeling is shared across my colleagues at gShift and that is what gives me the confidence we will collectively succeed.

One element of our pending scale is the demand to expand out sales and marketing teams. Having spent a good deal of my time in previous roles interviewing candidates, I’ve almost forgot how much I enjoy this part of business.

It’s not just about finding people with the right experience, but a process to find employees with the right personality and motivation to not only exceed the expectations of the role, but to make the collective group stronger. Drawing parallels to sports, a coach doesn’t just pick the best players on paper, but the best players to make the collective TEAM stronger.

It’s not lost on me that hiring the right players is only half the battle. There are a number of things which go into enabling those employees to perform, exceed their earnings potential and ultimately brag to their friends of how great a place gShift is to work. With this in mind I, along with the management team, have been working hard at ensuring we have things in place to support all of those aspects of employee growth.

One of the efforts to support employee growth has been the planning of more offsite team events, sometimes specific to one department. These events give everyone a chance to interact in a more relaxed environment, to nurture stronger working relationships and to create collaborative ideas on how to further evolve their contribution to the organization.

It was nice to share some offsite time with our Sales team, sailing along the Barrie shoreline last month. As we move into the reality of growth, I think we may need to find a bigger boat!

gShift Sales team ready for growth.


Visit our careers page to see positions we currently have available and to learn if gShift could be a good fit for you.

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