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Client Survey: Improving the Efficiency of Digital Agencies

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Digital Agency Efficiency With gShift

As with any good software vendor, we occasionally want to audit ourselves to ensure our solution is adding value to our clients in the ways we believe it does. One question our sales team gets asked regularly is how the gShift platform will help digital agencies manage their time and resources?

In order to provide a thorough answer, we recently surveyed over 100 agency clients to identify the efficiencies gShift has created for their organizations through data, insights, reporting and workflow improvements. These clients are all digital agencies based out of Unites States, Canada, UK, Mexico, Germany and Australia and represent shops of all sizes; from strategic boutique agencies to large, multi-national agencies. We focused our survey around seven key areas within an average digital agency.

1. SEO Reporting Time

In speaking with agencies, we have learned the average time to deliver SEO reports using multiple tools and manual processes is approximately 2-4 hours per client. We asked our agency clients the amount of time it takes to do SEO reports using the gShift platform, per report. We also asked how much of an improvement this is from their previous reporting tools.

Total Reporting Time:

1-2 Hours:                  12%
Under 1 Hour:           19%
Under 30 Minutes:   46%
Under 15 Minutes:   23%


Decrease in Reporting Time as a Percentage:

Low:                15%
Average:         65%
High:               81%


2. Client Implementation Time

Many marketing platforms require the configuration of several components within their set up process. We looked at the agency clients surveyed to determine the average amount of time it takes to onboard one of their end clients and set up their Web presence in the gShift platform.

Average Time to Implement in Minutes:

Low:                10 Minutes
Average:         15 Minutes
High:              30 Minutes


3. Reliance on gShift for Actionable SEO Insights

One aspect of the sales and marketing strategy gShift looks to improve is line of sight into actionable marketing metrics. The platform is built to empower users to easily make data-driven decisions around their clients’ digital marketing efforts and then take action accordingly.  We asked agencies how often they rely on our platform when evaluating, optimizing and developing strategies for their end clients.

Frequency of Use of the gShift Platform:

Daily:              53%
Weekly:          34%
Monthly:         16%
Quarterly:      3%


4. Improvement of Client Acquisition

Many of our agency clients have indicated they use gShift insights and reports to help close new client accounts. We asked what percentage of overall improvement they’ve seen in new client acquisition since implementing gShift as their SEO platform.

Average Increase in Close Rate as a Percentage:

Low:                3%
Average:         12%
High:               19%


5. Improvement in Client Retention

Providing better insights and reporting often leads to a better informed strategy and therefore a more satisfied client. We asked our agency clients to tell us what, if any, improvements they’ve seen in their customer retention rates since incorporating data from the gShift platform into their strategies.

Increase in Client Retention as a Percentage:

Low:                11%
Average:         16%
High:               23%


6. Better Internal Agency Workflow

With user management and activity workflow built into the platform, many agency clients have seen a positive impact on how their internal teams operate, how they manage client work and accounts. We asked clients to identify what percentage of improvement they have realized in efficiency on client deliverables since their gShift implementation:

Average Improvement in Reduced Time as a Percentage:

Low:                13%
Average:         28%
High:               54%


7. Increase in Agency Productivity

Increased internal workflow can also lead to an ability to assign more clients to each account manager, allowing for more efficient use of personnel. We asked if using gShift has increased their average number of clients per account manager through improved efficiency:

Increase in Average Number of Clients per Account Manager as a Percentage:

Low:                2%
Average:         14%
High:               19%



To sum up the survey results, we compiled the data into an easy-to-digest infographic. Download the full PDF here.

gShift Improves Efficiency of Digital Agencies

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