Improving Organic Search Rankings is Today’s Business Necessity

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When CoPilot Group ( set out to improve their organic search rankings, there was a lot they didn’t know about SEO. What they did know was that with 87% of today’s customers looking for solutions to business problems use internet search tools. Understanding and improving SEO has become a business necessity not just an afterthought.

“Any business that ignores the internet and doesn’t deploy an aggressive online strategy for their business is missing a huge business opportunity,” said Marie Wiese, Partner at CoPilot Group. “Improving your organic search rankings should be part of a company’s business processes.”

When CoPilot Group set out to work on SEO processes for their business and for their clients, they had few choices: they could either spend lots of money on SEO services or hire an SEO expert. When they discovered gShift Labs and their SEO platform, Web Presence OptimizerTM (WPO), it seemed too good to be true. Being able to automate the SEO process in a single software platform for a low monthly fee would not only improve the CoPilot business but the online strategies of all their clients in a very affordable way.

CoPilot Group offers both sales and marketing consulting for clients primarily in the Toronto, Ontario area. They started by putting their URL into gShift’s WPO and focusing on the keywords that made sense for the business: marketing consulting Toronto and sales consulting Toronto. After a preliminary audit done in WPO, a series of recommendations came back that required:

1. Changing page and title tags
2. Changing copy on the home page and interior pages of the website
3. Creating links within the copy using keywords
4. Creating blogs and press releases using the assigned keywords 5. Making changes to the footer of the pages

Once the changes were made over a two week period, CoPilot started to see the results. In under six weeks, CoPilot Group’s organic ranking for “sales consulting Toronto” improved in Google from an over 50+ ranking to a third place ranking due to the changes that were made.

“We do a lot of work to help client’s discover their value proposition and create the right messages and strategies for their sales and marketing dialogue,” said Marie Wiese. “Now, gShift’s WPO is a natural extension to this process. We take a client’s key message, uncover the keywords that will work for the business and input the client’s URL and keywords into WPO. Once we start making changes, we can track and measure it all in one place and report back to our clients on the progress.”

What once would have been hours of manual labor and require an SEO expert with years of experience, can now be done within the context of a company’s business strategy by someone who understands the marketing strategy of any business. gShift’s WPO simplifies the SEO process, makes it easy to manage and provides tremendous value to any business looking to improve how they are found on the internet and where they rank.

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