How Top-Performing Firms Search for SEO Software Solutions

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There are a number of different aspects to consider when tasked with selecting search engine optimization (SEO) management tools. You need to have a clear idea of which search strategies are going to be relevant for you business and find the SEO tools that can help you plan and execute them properly.

Trip Kucera, a senior research analyst for Aberdeen Group, has put together the SEO Management Buyer’s Guide: How Top-Performing Firms Search for Solutions. This study identifies the content marketing and management industry Leaders and Followers (top 35% of aggregate performers in the study and bottom 65%, respectively), giving the report’s data relatable examples for evaluating search performance.

The report analyzes a number of different factors that are considered when both Leaders and Followers are looking at selecting a SEO Management solution. A few of the factors most highly regarded are as follows:

• 72% of Leaders cited commitment to customer service as a key factor. Customer service, as well as the availability of software training, should both be considered when looking into an SEO technology.

• “General analytics and reporting capabilities are the most important consideration for buyers. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of Leaders rate these analytics capabilities ad important while 73% of Followers do the same.”

• “Companies evaluating SEO technologies should look for the ability to provide actionable insight and recommendations for both on- and off-page factors.” This specific capability was labeled as important by 71% of Leaders surveyed.

• “Leaders are 65% more likely than Followers to share target keywords with content creators across the organization. Particularly in larger organizations, tools that help teams coordinate activity and action on SEO recommendations are seen as particularly valuable by Leaders.”

• 50% of Leaders indicated that social signal analytics are important when evaluating an SEO solution. Kucera explains in the report that, “search engines have signalled that search algorithms do consider social mentions of content as a ranking factor.”

The report also showed some interesting facts to support why companies should consider using an SEO Management tool in the first place. The research data shows that companies using an SEO Management solution achieve:

• 80% higher website conversion rate (3.6% vs. 2.0%)
• 50% more website traffic from organic search (24% vs. 16%)
• 10% year-over-year growth in unique website traffic vs. 6.7% for non-users

The report provides good insight for organizations that are evaluating existing or new SEO Management providers. It also outlines the trend towards more companies investing in SEO management, stating, “Just as modern marketing terms use solutions to mange email marketing, automate multi-channel campaign execution and control programmatic digital advertising; SEO management solutions provide a new measure of control and visibility in an inherently dynamic market.”

gShift Labs was named in the report among the SEO software providers recommended for consideration. While many of the other listed companies are enterprise level solutions, gShift is shown as a mid-market SEO software leader. Of the most commonly indicated important factors listed in the report, gShift Labs’ SEO software offers all features as standard offering and/or advanced features at the Agency Pro level .

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