web analytics software platform gShift turns 6

Happy 6th Birthday gShift!

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gShift's 6th birthday

Six years ago today gShift was incorporated as a company. In digital marketing years, where one quarter equates to one year, gShift is more like 24 years old! Time has flown by and although the search and social industries are ever-changing, the original vision of gShift from 2009 remains valid, which is “to change the way people think about and perform organic search optimization.”

I am always impressed by the conversations I have and overhear with customers and fellow gShifters about our platform and how it has evolved over the past six years. I’m even more excited to share that I feel like we are just getting started!

Today we are celebrating gShift’s 6 years with 6 highlights worth paying tribute to.

  1. Our Customers – You are everywhere and there are thousands of you! We love you and we have so much more in store for you. Our very first client from May 2010 is still a client today and we are very grateful for them. Thank you to all customers and even to those who are not with us anymore.
  1. Our Employees – AKA gShifters. These creative individuals engineer, design, service, sell, market, support and most importantly innovate the software. They are gShift! They are the culture. Keep the ideas and the fun coming! #fortheteam #whattheshift
  1. The ProductWeb presence analytics software for digital agencies and brands. The idea for the software product was born in 2008, primarily from a thought we had around the digital marketer requiring some innovation and automation for SEO. The secondary thought was SEO would evolve to be about an entire web presence (onsite, offsite, content and social) across multiple devices.

We were right! But we got one thing wrong when we built Version #1. We were collecting, storing and processing way more data about a web presence than we originally anticipated, so we took a timeout and rebuilt the entire platform in 2012. That was a really tough year! We got it right in Version #2, which is infinitely scalable and still the underlying platform used today.

At last count (just today when I walked down to our VP of Technology’s office) we collect, process and store over 20 million new pieces of data every day from search/social and this number is only growing. I like to think of the platform as Big Data for Content Marketing! But we know marketers are saying, “enough with the data, just tell us what to do with it.” So we are. In the product customers now have access to intelligent, customizable data beacons to answer some of their most popular questions about search and disoverability.

The worlds of SEO, Social and Content will continue to collide and the product is poised for growth. We really are just getting started.

  1. Google – The name gShift stands for the shift Google has created for marketers. It also stands for the mind shift marketers must make with their marketing and specifically their marketing strategies. Although we have seen an evolution of the marketing mind over the past six years, I think we as marketers are just scratching the surface on the role technology and data play in helping to make marketing decisions.


Google – keep changing your algorithm. It keeps us all on our toes and makes us better marketers! 🙂

  1. Our Competitors – Thanks for pushing us and thanks for validating the space. Good, healthy competition makes us better.
  1. Our Investors – Great ideas and eager entrepreneurs are useless without the right capital. gShift has wonderful investors at its table including MaRS, Growthworks, Brightspark and FedDev IBI. Entrepreneurship takes courage, but so too does investing in entrepreneurs and their ideas.


A gThanks to all for making gShift’s first six years so successful!

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