gShift and SiteCondor Better Together

gShift and SiteCondor. Better Together.

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Our mission at gShift has always been to provide the market with the most comprehensive end-to-end web presence analytics platform for SEO, Social & Content Marketing. We have built and evolved our platform with this mission in mind.

In another step towards our goal, we are pleased to announce gShift has acquired the website auditing technology, SiteCondor, a cloud-powered site crawler for agency and brand marketing teams. This technology allows you to extract, explore and visualize technical SEO page elements on-demand so  you can act quickly on any areas of improvement.

“The acquisition of SiteCondor is a significant step forward in our strategy to empower digital marketers to fully maximize their investments in owned and earned media,” said Krista LaRiviere, cofounder and CEO, gShift. “Today, we’ve taken our platform to a new level. One which enables agencies and brands to more effectively compete by providing critical insight into their web presence, which informs their digital marketing strategies.”

Technical SEO fundamentals are a critical piece to the Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization that gShift is known for. Having visibility into page elements falls squarely into multiple levels of the hierarchy including foundation and smart content marketing.

Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization from gShift

The SiteCondor tool brings together the passion for comprehensive, detailed data we hold here at gShift, combined with stunning visuals to help present the necessary site-wide insights in a clean and user-friendly way.

Within the site audit, you will be able to quick gain insight into the following elements of your website and more:

  • Resources (pages, css, images, PDFs, etc.)
  • Titles
  • Headings
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Images
  • Internal/External Links
  • Canonicals
  • Meta Robots
  • URLs
  • Errors (broken links, missing images, internal server errors, etc.)
  • Redirects

This acquisition further empowers gShift to provide a website analysis tool for agency and brand digital marketers to quickly extract on-page elements and structured data. It enables marketers to analyzeand visualize aggregated results, control when and how crawl jobs run and keep an eye on multiple sites with configurable email alerts.

Many marketers understand there are two layers to every website. The surface content is what your visitor sees and engages with. However, the technical layer is what is read and indexed by search engines. SiteCondor gives visibility to those elements and gShift provides the data-driven insights to optimize them even further.

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