Google Instant has instantly changed organic search engine strategies for marketers

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At the beginning of September, Google released a new search engine enhancement called Google Instant. This enhancement allows searchers to “see” organic and paid search results as they type instead of waiting to click on the search button.
In a nutshell, Google is trying to improve the search experience by predicting specific topics people are searching for before they finish typing it into the search engine. In other words, finding what you really want, instantly and thus saving you 2 to 5 seconds per search.

Here’s what this means to your organic search engine strategy.

It is important to note that the Google Instant enhancement is available at, but not yet at Google Canada (.ca).

Let’s look at the example keyword phrase “Toronto Hotels”. Searching on this brings up thousands of results and as you type the results become more defined. To someone looking for a hotel in the entertainment district the results that show up may not be helpful as you get hotels located at the airport, along the main highway and all over the city.  The user will see Google Suggestions along with their results and they will see that they can narrow their search to “Toronto Hotels Entertainment District”.  Once selected, by clicking on the suggestion or by typing it in the search box, the searcher will be happier with the results that Google provides them. 

What does this mean to a marketer and to your organic search strategy?

1)   You need to be more specific than ever about your categorization and understand what people search on to find you.  If you don’t, you might be missing a great “Page One” opportunity.

2)   You need to optimize your site with the “root” keyword phrase like “Toronto Hotels”. Again, knowing the bucket you fall into and then the specifics gives you a better chance of coming up in the “instant” results that Google serves up right away.

3)   You need an SEO platform with keyword tracking and keyword research suggestions to identify what phrases are being used and how you currently rank for them.  Tracking your keyword phrase scenarios is paramount to harnessing the power of Google Instant.

Many marketers focus on short tail keywords, like Toronto Hotels. But long tail keywords give us insight into what an ideal prospect is doing to narrow down the search. Long tail phrases are harder to determine which is why the use of an SEO platform is so important to keyword research and analysis over the long term. Long tail keywords, the key to Google Instant, produce search results that are narrowed down so that a user gets very relevant results.  

At gShift Labs, we have built an SEO Platform or SEO Management Software System that can be used by your internal marketing team to understand search and demystify short and long tail keywords in conjunction with a variety of other tactics and scenarios to help you harness advances in search such as Google Instant.  It is our goal to provide you with the data that you need to succeed with your organic search engine strategy. 

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