Frequency of content changes and its effect on search position ranking

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It has been known to some people for awhile now that the frequency of changes to web content can affect your position ranking in Google for a given keyword phrase.

Just how much weighting does Google give to the frequency of content changes in their algorithm? Well, it appears that Google looks at this factor quite seriously and it is a hot topic to debate online today.

From our research at gShift we are seeing that search optimized blog posts and press releases can get propelled into the top 10 search results on Google for a keyword phrase within minutes if not under an hour from the time it was published.

Social media plays a big part in Goolgle’s algorithm decisions as well.   Twitter and Facebook allow for hourly, daily and/or weekly updates to specific content (based on how your company has adopted social media).  Have you ever wondered why a Twitter tweet or a Facebook post on your business page ranks in the top 10 search results (for a given phrase) even though they are not your official company web site?

There are answers.  Business owners must make regular changes to their web sites and use social media strategies to point back to those changes and highlight them so that Google and the other search engines can index these social posts and the hopes that they treat the web page that you are linking back to as something that they should rank higher.  Of course it helps to understand how to properly optimize those pages for search.

Come back for more information as we explore this process in upcoming blog posts.  You can always learn more by visiting the gShift web site and reading more on “web presence optimization“.

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