Does Your Company Have a Web Pulse?

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Popular search engines such as Google have dramatically changed in the last six months.  They are indexing more sources and more frequently than ever before. It is no longer enough to just have a website that sits unchanged for months. Google now looks at a variety of factors including frequency of copy changes, frequency of blog posts, social media mentions with backlinks to your website and other “signals” on the web to determine if your company has a web pulse.

Here’s why an integrated approach to your online activities is so important to generating a Page One search result.

In early 2010, Bing started providing Facebook and Twitter updates in their search engine results based on search terms.  Bing also launched its social search site in June 2010 providing real time information on what you want to find.  It has also been mixing these results into its regular search results. 

Google has the same strategy and is showing what they call “real time” search results that include recent Twitter posts and Facebook pages.

At gShift, we know organic search is about your entire web presence. We help measure the impact of social media on your organic search strategy by tracking trends and analytics. We help you understand if people are coming to your website because of your social media activities. 

More importantly, we help you focus on linking together blog posts, press releases or updated web page content to your mentions and posts in Twitter, Facebook and Linked In because these social sites are equally important to your organic search strategy as the copy on your website.

By integrating an online strategy based on a variety of activities you are creating “real time” backlinks to relevant content.  Those links are found by Google, Bing and Yahoo! and have the power to lift your website higher in the search results. The outcome: you are creating a consistent pulse for your company and your web presence.

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